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2 Email Marketing Tips To Do The Personalisation Correctly

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Email marketing is one of the best ways of marketing your products or services that was relevant in the yester decade and will definitely be in vogue in many more decades to come. Therefore, it is necessary for you as a business to understand its peculiarities quite clearly in order to obtain maximum out of it. Emails are all about connecting with the target customers in a personalised manner. This calls for taking the right measures for personalising an email and then shooting it out at the target audience with a big smile. A correctly personalised email has much higher open rate as compared to a generic email.

This blog brings to you 2 email marketing tips that will help you do the personalisation of the emails that you send on a regular basis perfectly. Here we go!

1. Do not include generic greetings to address the recipients

If you are sending emails to the customers whose first name is unknown to you, then, in that case you can simply drop the idea of addressing or greeting them by a phrase such as ‘Hello valued/dear customer’. You can start with the message right away and this will help your content in playing its desired role. The surprising thing is that your customers will not even know that you haven’t greeted them at all at the first place!

2. Let your recipients reply back

This is important when your customers want to interact with you but you have kept all your doors shut and are not letting any communication or may be a good piece of advice coming in. It is wise to keep the option of replying back to your mail open and easy. This will make your customers feel connected to you as they can air their views about your email as soon as they read it. Hence, remove the ‘do not reply to this mail’ line from your next email campaign.

Hope that these tips will solve some of your email personalisation problems. Good luck with their implementation!

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Its indeed an important issue. Email marketers need to be sensitive to different cultures. As the blogger has rightly said that same salutation may not be effective or attractive to all. While an average Indian does not prefer any official mail to be addressed to his/her name, an American accepts that sportingly. Its all about marketers cross-cultural skill or intelligence.

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