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2 Great Google Analytics Tips You Can trust Completely

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Analytical tools are implemented by businesses or individuals in order to measure their overall presence on various online channels. These channels or mediums can be website, blog, presence on various social networking sites etc. Everything over internet medium is virtual and there does not exist any physical quantity which can be easily measured.

Businesses are dependent on all of these online channels for their growth. Organizations use these channels to connect to their people, engage with them during the entire cycle of purchasing and even after the objective is achieved. This is very important to bring back those valuable and prospective customers again and again which will help the business to grow.

Businesses launch various advertisements and promotional methods in order to reach to masses. Tapping the right set of audience was never this easy. Marketers are able to identify their right target audience sitting at one end of the world. Advertisements that are generating more revenue can be easily identified over other advertisements. Contents on a website or on a social networking site can be customised according to the requirements of its visitors.

All this could be achieved because of an analytical tool that is working back stage. Web Analytics is all about collecting all the necessary information about various online platforms. These information or data can then be analysed which will in turn help the marketers to take important decisions.

There are numerous Web Analytics tools available in the market and each one of them is out numbering others in their usage and capabilities. Google being a pioneer in innovations have come up with their own analytical tool and they don’t charge a penny for this service. Google Analytics have various useful and interesting features that can be used by a marketer to get a deeper insight. There are various features that are really unique with Google Analytics making it one of most sought after analytical tool in the market.

Google Analytics generates all the necessary data required by an organization. Marketers should be able to use this tool smartly to bring out all the benefits packed in it. There are few strategies or rather we can say tricks that one must follow to reap the benefits.

The following are 2 important Google Analytics tricks that one can trust completely:

1. Weighted Analytics:

When large number of data is being collected by an analytical tool, it becomes very difficult to comprehend. The user won’t understand head or tail of the gathered data. User might get confused with simple question like where to begin. All these are genuine situations because of the complexity of the gathered data. Google Analytics comes to rescue in this situation.

For example, when the user is analysing website bounce rate, they would go through the bounce rate of each and every page. Few pages may show high bounce rate and few may show less. It is important to understand all the aspects of this collected data. It is necessary to identify if there exists any similarities in the pattern or not. When huge data is collected and analysed, there may exist certain discrepancies which will not give a clear picture. As shown in the report below, there are pages with less visits but showing 100% bounce rate. Irrelevant or incomplete data can lead to lot of miscalculation and it would be absolutely a waste of time to investigate this report. The report generated is by keeping the sort type to Default.

Google Analytics has an option of changing the sort type to Weighted. This will help the user to research the data better. While generating the same report, Weighted Sort takes traffic volume into consideration to bring out all the necessary data.

Apart from sorting out the data, user would also be interested to know the performance of the website over a period of time. For example, if a Facebook page for an organization is being launched. Marketer will keep the page alive by publishing various posts at regular intervals. While doing so, the marketer will want to know the performance of various posts he/she has done on the page. User would like to do the analysis not by individual posts but for a particular period of time to understand better. Google Analytics allows the user to see data over a period of time. But this data will look irrelevant if the time interval is not chosen appropriately. Time interval chosen over a week or a month will give a clear picture. It will help the user to visualise the traffic generated by the Facebook page over a longer  period of time.

2. Export more rows in Google Analytics:

Google Analytics acts as a powerful medium when it comes to data aggregation and analysis. When huge amount of data is being generated by Google Analytics, the general tendency is to export all the data into an excel sheet. An ordinary excel sheet will help to see all the data at one place.

For example, if user wants to visualise the percentage of subscribers generated out of organic keywords, all this data can be imported to excel sheet. Analysing these keywords will help the user to make certain SEO related decisions. While exporting this data, Google Analytics restricts itself to 500 rows. This creates a huge problem when the amount of data exceeds 500 row. Exporting a large set of data would take more time and as a result the users were finding it difficult and time consuming.  Bringing all this data together within Google Analytics was not possible earlier. But there does exist one trick to do this and Google Analytics allows the user to export upto 20,000 rows. One can follow the steps listed below to overcome this issue.

a)Select number of rows as 500 in the report.

b) At the page URL at the top, locate the number 500.

c) Change this number to the number of rows the user would like to import. For example, if the desired number of rows are 15,008 then see the image below.

d) Click enter to load the new altered URL.

There are various features existing with Google Analytics and these go unnoticed because of various reasons. Utilising a powerful tool like Google Analytics will help the user to manage their analysis even better.

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      It is important for any business to measure it’s performance. For online business or service industry it is essential to analyse their performance through various online channels. I think Google analytic is one of the best tool for this. Nice feature of this is we can see huge data in just one excel sheet.

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