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2 Web Analytics Tips For Developing Great Online Marketing Campaign

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Online Marketing Campaign is a marketing strategy which is used to advertise the products effectively over cyber space via mediums like search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, web analytics , paid advertising and many more. We can see good number of online marketing campaign examples over Facebook – social networking website and Google – search engine website.

Web Analytics, a digital marketing strategy has achieved a benchmark in making online marketing campaigns cost effective. Here are the 2 tips shared in Web analytics space to convert any online campaign into customer driven marketing strategy.

1) Separating Clicks :-

The entrepreneurs or business owners always prefer a cost effective marketing for their campaigns. They always want to see how much money is being invested in marketing per sale. Therefore, customize setting on every page can guide the different source from where the traffic volume is coming to the website. These sources include organic search sources, marketing website (social networking websites), shopping engines, page search and many more. The Web Analytics tools can report the statistics showing most effective source of traffic of marketing campaign.

2) Site Search :-

Site Search means people visiting your website and using the search feature on your website to find information.

It is one of the best medium of information about what the audience are looking for and what your website can deliver from it. For example, it gives an idea that the number of user type “tyre” when they want to search tractor so probably the term tractor tyres as qualified term which can be used in search.

A Youtube video embedded below can be referred as a guide :-

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