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20 Highly Useful But Simple To Follow PPC Tips For A Successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign

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For any PPC campaign to be successful, there are 20 basic tips to be kept in mind, to increase ROI and at the same time keep costs under check.

  • Know your Client: Do a deep study of your client for whom the PPC campaign is being developed. Know the company’s customers, competitors, suppliers and partners. Keep an eye on the PPC campaigns developed by the company’s competitors.
  • Start Small And Gradually Build Up: Identify a number of keywords within a small budget to begin with. With hit and trial one comes to know which keywords are performing. After establishing competitive keywords increase your budget for increased ROI on a PPC campaign.
  • Measure Your Campaign: Campaigns will not fail if you track your conversions. One has to track its conversions right from the start of the campaign. This helps in future planning also.
  • Be Logical And Test: Any campaign should be given time. Ideally 3 months should be the trial time to see which keywords are performing and which are not. Adopt the performing ones and drop the others keeping in mind your overall budget.
  • Know Your Target CPA: Always work within your target Cost per action. This will control your overall budgets, increase ROI and overall profits.
  • Be Practical: If your site appears on top of the search, it is obvious that one feels that the ROI will be high. But it is not necessary that the customer would click and convert on your ad. So make sure you keep improving on your mistakes. The main thing is that your ROI should be positive.
  • Use Google Tools: Use different types of Tools to improve your ROI. Tools like ‘conversion optimiser’ should be used to improve on your returns. This will also ensure bidding on high quality conversion clicks rather than just increasing traffic volumes.
  • Use Search Query Report: Use Search Query Report to tell you which keywords are performing and accordingly add them to your campaign or if they are not performing you put them in negative matches.
  • Give Importance To Titles: Titles of your ad are the most important eye catching element of your ad. So highlight if it is a special offer so that it catches the attention of the final consumer.
  • Body Text Is Very Important: The text of your ad should highlight the special offer and focus on clear descriptions.
  • Take Extra Care of Links: The URL of your ad should not be totally numbers. This should highlight some keywords such that it attracts attention. Write ads for targeted group of customers and increase traffic.
  • Identify Your MVP’s (Minimum Viable Product): One should concentrate on the first five or ten important keywords in your campaign. Always have your paid search activities around them.
  • Know Local Customer Base: Put ads relevant to your targeted geographical area, targeted age group and gender. Well researched keywords would increase traffic.
  • Vary Your Calls To Action: If you have different ad texts, you will get a chance to learn what is right and where you are going wrong. These trials will help you improve your returns.
  • Research PPC Markets: There might be different campaigns around different geographical areas. Place different ads for different target audience.


Once you have taken care of the basics, keep improving and developing further while minimising your mistakes.

  • Improve Landing Page Tests: Detailed A/B testing and other Tests will help improve landing pages and hence conversions.
  • Find Negative Words Through Social Media Marketing: Through social media tracking, block the negative keywords.
  • Go Global: To increase your returns one could go global but at a pace which is manageable.
  • Schedule Your Campaigns: Always fix dates for your campaigns such that you take the maximum advantages of seasonal variations. Once campaigns are scheduled, even if you are not at office someone else can take over and work doesn’t suffer.
  • Keep Improving: Changes in any campaign keeps the customers amused and interested. With your entire researched data one can use target keywords, improve landing pages etc. and always be on the go. Changes keeping in mind a positive ROI, will always attract consumers attention.
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      Good post. Great explanation of all the simple but effective tips.One should always follow these steps when involved in SEM campaign.

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      WoW. Excellent post. Very much useful for the learners.

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