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20 Ways to Establish Online Presence for Free

20 Ways to Establish Online Presence for Free

A myriad of opportunities has opened for people who want their content to get attention online. With the rise of internet marketing as a prominent method, it has become easier for professional marketers, as well as other business people and individuals who want to establish their presence on the internet, to make a breakthrough in this endeavor. 

The rise of social media, online blogging and online selling, all provide opportunities for different categories of people to make a name for themselves (or their business).

Naturally, in order to do this, you need time, skill and money. Having all three is not always easy, so even if you have the first two, it is often the case you lack the third.

The topic of the article is to provide proven techniques and methods which can get your content noticed without spending a cent. We will focus on giving real examples to help you have a realistic overview of this

Free Advertising Sites

Advertising is a sure way to promote your content and connect with a wider audience. To help you find a free marketing service on the internet, we give you the following list of sites offering free advertisement.

Note: the sites listed below are completely free to use for the classified advertisement in most circumstances.


Often regarded as a top online place for free ads, Craigslist has numerous categories, such as community, services, jobs, sales and personals, and much more.

According to Wikipedia, Craigslist has over 20 billion page views a month and more than 80 million classified ads posted each month.

You can choose between buy/sell orientated ads, and more personalized ads offering products or services.

Craigslist is definitively a place you want to try out.

Similarly to Craigslist, is a classified ad site. You can advertise based on your location and choose between different categories ranging from traditional buy/sell trade to services.

The Free Ad Forum

If you want more opportunities for online advertisement, The Free Ad Forum might be the right choice. Along with a classified ad service, The Free Ad Forum includes an Internet Marketing Forum where you can interact with other marketers, read and post reviews of marketing products, seek professional advice from the community of marketers and discuss various other marketing methods.

While this is not a straightforward way to establish your online visibility, it does help you to acquire valuable knowledge about internet marketing. is another classified ads site,its basic services are free. You get an ad for thirty days, with a maximum renewal up to ninety days and the ability to display three photos and one video.

Advanced options are available for users who upgrade their membership.


As with sites listed previously, Epage offers free classified ads, and also a free picture in every ad, as well as spam filters to protect users from fraud.

Social Media Presencesocial-media-presence

There is probably no better way to rapidly get your content visible on the internet, than the presence on social media.

Social media have taken a leading role in many regards, especially the sharing of various content, from personal to the business one.

Online marketers and business companies have recognized the opportunity social media offer and have already established their presence on most popular social media.

Here we introduce you with some tips on how you can use social media to quickly introduce your content to a huge online audience.

Create a Page on Facebook

While not technically an advertisement, creating a page on Facebook can virtually be used for promotion of your business, a famous individual or a group. You can also promote your content.

This is one of the great, easy ways to get others take notice of your content.

It is free and it can give you many benefits, the main of them being online visibility. What is great about creating a page on Facebook is that you can really reach a great number of views, without having to pay a single cent.

Of course, remember that your page will have to be properly administered and updated on a regular basis if you want it to really come alive and attract as many visitors as possible.

Consider having one or two full-time admins for regular posting.

Post Information about Your Content

You can also go for a simpler, yet still effective way of promoting your content via your own profile on social media.

Be sure to post the content in an engaging way. The more prominent you social profile is, the more chance there is your content will be promoted.

Naturally, this is not a particularly great way for promoting your content if you are fostering an ambition to reach a wider audience. However, this can still be the nice way to gain some visibility, at least as a starting point.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are immensely popular on social media, and they are there to make it easier for people to find the content they are interested in. You can use to your advantage to attract more attention to your content.

Always use hashtags in your posts, this will increase the chances for your content to achieve more visibility.

Post Pictures

You can back up your content with relevant pictures. Also, consider adding an SEO friendly keyword as a caption. It can turn out to be useful because many people are searching picture related content. Even if you are a professional marketer, this can help your content strategy as it adds to the variety of your content. A text with images inserted is always better than a plain wall of text.


Blogging is one of the best and most practical ways to promote your content in the manner you see fit. Almost anybody can become a blogger today and write about anything he wants. In fact, there are many individuals out there who have become internet celebrities thanks to blogging. They have made the name for themselves and many of them who started from scratch are now considered experts.

We will give you some practical advice how to promote your content as a blogger. 

Free WordPress Domain 

WordPress is the leading web hosting software, with millions of users, both individuals, and business ones.

WordPress offers free hosting options, though you get a domain and your account has limited options. Using free hosting is not always recommended, especially if you want to run a professional blog, but it can be great for people just starting their online journey.

Once you have created your free blog on WordPress, you can publish your content. Be careful that your content is SEO optimized, so that you can generate traffic on your posts.

Launch a Website

This is the somewhat traditional option to promote your content, but it is still highly effective, of course. Here are some examples of free website hosting options. 


Weebly is the platform which lets you create a free website or blog. Its basic features are free, and you have the option to choose between a variety of different themes.

Setting up a website on Weebly is easy and quick, so you can get started without using too much time.

Free Hosting EU

Free Hosting EU has a lot of options to offer for web hosting, completely free. What is important is that the websites hosted on Free Hosting EU can also be used by small business, not only for individual users.

With a free plan, you have up to 200 MB of free web space, 4000 MB of monthly data transfer and the option to have the maximum of 5 (short) web addresses.

Free Hosting EU also supportsPHP and MySQL hosting.


On BIZ.NF you get the option to host 1 domain for free, 1000 MB of free web space and 5000 MB of data transfer.

Improve Your Online Visibility with SEO Toolsimprove-online-visibility-seo

If you already have some sort of content present online and you want to boost your online visibility you can use some free SEO tools.

Regardless of the type of content you have, you will want it SEO optimized, as this is a basic method to increase your visibility.

We present some of the useful, free SEO tools.


Ubersuggest helps you find the right keyword for your website or blog post content. It generates a keyword via Google Suggest. This can be a great tool for you to start an SEO optimized content, as it points you in the right direction regarding the keyword you use in your content.

Point Blank SEO

Point Blank SEO is a link building blog which provides with the tools for backlinking your blog. The site is focused on helping advanced link builders. 


Even though using free options to boost your online visibility can be limiting, there are still many chances for you to establish your online presence without the need to pay for it.

Once you establish yourself as a recognizable online entity, you may want to consider more advanced options to further develop your prospects. 

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