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3 Basic Changing Trends Of Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a way to leveraging the power of email to reach each and every customer. More than 40% of people check email first when they wake up. Email marketing is the most effective way to promote and sell your product online. 77% of customer receive message of product by email than any other channel. Did you know that 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year from a promotional email?

Email marketing widely used for increasing proper information flow of product to customers. Email becomes an integral part of our life. Whenever you open your personal computer or laptop, the first thing you do is to open your email. With the explosion of mobile devices, everybody is carrying email everywhere they go. More than 35 % of business professionals check emails on a mobile device. For every businessman, email is very crucial part, but how to leverage this to increase your business is called email marketing.

By using email marketing, you can target your specific customers in your database based on each of their interests. Basically, there are three changing trends  of email marketing which are:

  • Mobile email market
  • Personal Relevance content
  • Behavioral target


All these three things are changing at a dynamic speed. Most of the people now possess smartphones and tabs so where ever they go, they carry these tools.  These smartphones give customer easy access to the internet everywhere they go and they can open their email with more frequency. So we can say the increase in smartphone user, leads to more use of email accounts.

Secondly, another trend of email marketing is Personal relevance content. Now email marketers focus on sending relevant information according to what kind of information customer like, which help companies to engage customers in a better way. Now 80% of the information mentioned in the mail is related to customer learning and engagement, and only companies use 20 % space for sale advertisement in the campaign.  Before that email marketer used to run a random campaign for customers.

Third and the most dynamic change in trend of email marketing is focused on behavioral target. Now email marketers focus more on what customer search and customer is interested in and what was your reaction to the company’s previous campaign, it includes open rate, click rate, unique visitor, etc.  Amazon is a company which stresses more on behavioral target. It’s for sure that email marking is the best tool for doing Client Relation Management (CRM).  You can build small campaigns e.g. monthly newsletter, quarterly newsletter, survey and feedback etc. by use of email marketing. Say for example, you are running a campaign which is Monthly newsletter and If you mention about Diwali or other festival discounts or some other offer coupon that will increase your sale by more than 20%.

So it would be right to say that email marketing is one of the vital things required for the 21st century.

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  • There are 2 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Most probably you’ve referred the secondary data. Can you please cite here the source of your data? Definitely the platform, ‘e-mail marketing’ has plenty of scope. But can you ensure that your mail will be received in the inbox of a recipient, who is maintaining a ‘boxbe’ account?

    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      Exactly, very true, today email marketing is more than a direct communication channel, it enables a business to connect with people by mailing regular updates and by allowing subscribers to read information at their convenience from anywhere through their laptops, tablets and Smartphone.

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