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3 Email Marketing Tips To Design A Great Welcome Mail

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Most marketers design their website pages, social media page, blog page so meticulously in order to create a big impression with the prospective customers and successfully engage them. But the same kind of approach is not adopted by the marketers when it comes to email marketing. It is of utmost importance since email is a marketing channel where we connect with the audience at a personal level and creates a great impact than other channels. Below given are 3 email marketing tips while designing a welcome mail:

  • Welcome Email Should Have A Reminder Content

We usually enroll our prospective customer for email subscriptions through our sales stalls at an exhibition/fair or through an online subscription form. Mostly they might forget about the enrollment by the time we launch an email campaign. So, it is always better to remind them about the subscription in the initial confirmation mail and in the welcome email. This saves our email from being deleted or marked as spam.

  • Have A Friendly And Helpful Tone

As the saying goes ” First impression is always the best impression”, make sure that you nail your prospective customer through the welcome mail itself. The welcome email should have a friendly tone, addressing the customer with his/her name and at the same time setting the expectations correctly.This means letting them know the purpose of the email newsletter/subscription and communicating how it can benefit them.

  • Bring A Social Networking Element To The Email

Living in this digital era, we definitely cannot ignore the social networking sites. When sending the welcome emails to the customers, make sure that all  the links to your social networking pages are available on the body of the email. This provides an opportunity for you to connect with the customers through other marketing channels and which in turn is also convenient to the customers.

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