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3 Free Web Analytics Tools For Local Businesses

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Businesses are making a remarkable online presence when compared to earlier days. Online platforms are being used as the most effective form of marketing channel. Traditional marketing methods have taken a back seat because of the advent of online channels. Organizations have their website and blog set up. Businesses manage multiple accounts on various social networking sites. All these strategies brings in lot of newer avenues which in turn help in continuous business growth.

As the activities on online or internet channels have gone up, it is very important for a marketer to be able to measure and understand them. If there does not exist a system in place which will monitor all the online activities then the businesses may be just beating around the bush. Businesses would never be able to understand the real source of revenue, prospective clients, performance of various advertisements etc. Until the business is not able to get an insight about their activities, there won’t exist any scope for development.

Measuring of various online activities cannot happen physically because everything is virtual. So, organizations have started implementing certain analytical tools to get an overview of all their activities. There are many businesses who shell out huge amount of money on analytical tools. But as a marketer, one would be surprised to know that there are many free analytics tools with extraordinary features. The following are the three free Web Analytics Tools that can be used by Local Businesses:

1. Google Analytics:

When an organization decides to employ a web analytics tool, the first tool that crosses the mind is Google Analytics. Google being a pioneer in innovation world came up with Google Analytics. This analytical tool is available, does not need any money to be spent on it and the most attractive part is that it is very easy to use.

Google Analytics can be used by large and small businesses with equal effectiveness. Google Analytics interface is very easy to understand. The biggest advantage of Google Analytics is its ability to integrate with other Google functions like PPC advertising, Google AdWords etc.

Businesses can use Google Analytics to gather basic information about the website. Reports can be generated to get an insight on the number of people visiting the website, number of clicks that a page is receiving, number of clicks on an advertisement, conversion rates etc. Apart from these basic information, Google Analytics can also help in generating advanced reports like e-commerce statistics etc. Other complex reports can be generated with ease.

2. Yahoo Web Analytics:

Yahoo Web Analytics is the second most popular analytical tool. Yahoo Analytics is a browser based analytics system which can help in tracking all the activities on a digital channel. Yahoo Analytics uses cookies to collect all the necessary details about the visitors. Apart from generating a report showing the number of visitors to the website, Yahoo Analytics is also capable of identifying visitor’s activity on the website. Biggest advantage of Yahoo Analytics is its ability to generate real-time data. Yahoo Analytics dashboard can be customized as per the requirement. Apart from a default dashboard, Yahoo Analytics allows the user to generate additional dashboards with customized fields.

Yahoo Analytics can be used by large as well as small businesses. Organizations looking for more in-depth analysis of their website or other online activities, prefer Yahoo Analytics over Google Analytics. The biggest advantage of Yahoo Analytics is its heavily customizable interface. If the user wants to customize the tool according to various demographics, unique visitor’s behaviour, various profiling aspects, advanced filtering options etc. then Yahoo Analytics will be the best option. Local businesses can completely rely upon Yahoo Analytics for their in-depth analysis.

3. Google Website Optimizer

When analysing the performance of a website, the user would like to consider various aspects that is required to be tested. Google Website Optimizer is highly recommended when the user wants to run split test on the website. In Split Test, the user will be able to move various parts of the website and identify which is working better. Google Website Optimizer allows the user to determine the best possible way to optimize the contents of the website.

When compared to Google Analytics and Yahoo Analytics, Google Website Optimizer is much complex. It has to be dealt more cautiously as it plays an important role in Split Testing.

Local businesses have websites and the content on the website has to be modified or removed depending upon their effectiveness. The user may change the textual content on the website. Apart from the text content, the user may have to change the images, videos, advertisements, landing pages and other contents on the website. Making these changes on the website alone will not help the marketer unless these variations are measured and understood properly. The marketer will need to know, which variations are generating more business and which are not. These trial and error methodology is repeated many time till the desired combination is not attained. Google Website Optimizer helps in carrying out these tests making it easier for the user to identify the best performing contents for the website.

Organizations are required to implement some or the other analytical tool. It is very important to understand and visualize the facts about the website. Merely setting-up a website without any analytical tool will not help the business at all. Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics and Google Website Optimizer are three different analytical tools. Each of these tools have their own unique features, advantages and disadvantages. It is up-to the user, to decide and implement one of these tools for a better insight into their business.

The data or reports generated by Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics and Google Website Optimizer is sufficient enough to understand the effectiveness of various components of a local business website. Organizations need not allocate huge budget to subscribe these tools as they are available for free. These tools are easily downloadable making it even easier to access.

Local businesses can choose one of these analytical tools to put their company growth on the right track.

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Now a days almost every company has online presence. But it essential to update website regularly and keep track of performance. It is always better to take help of analytics tool for website analysis. There are different tools available in market having different features. Tool should be selected on the basis of requirements of business.

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