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3 Important Social Media Building Blocks For Your Business Growth

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What do you mean by social media building blocks? Are they crucial for your business growth? If yes, then how? All these questions will be answered in this blog.

A social media building block is something that enhances the understanding of the various social media platforms available online and why a social media manager should choose a particular one to engage his audience optimally. These blocks are important for your business growth as they ensure better and quicker achievement of results in an efficient way.

The 3 most important social media building blocks are:

1. Identity Block

This block governs the customers’ online behaviour on different social media platforms. It refers to their degree of promptness and comfortability to disclose their identity online. It is for a business to observe and understand clearly whether the people are comfortable in sharing their personal details gladly or choosing to remain anonymous. There are few platforms such as Linked’In where people tend to give accurate information about themselves whereas they might refrain from sharing all of their personal details on facebook. The simple common sense says that a platform where people are feeling more comfortable would prove to be the right choice for promoting your business and ensuring efficient use of analytics.

2. Conversation Block

A business must understand that a communication does not only mean speaking and presenting its own point of view about its products/services but it also includes being silent at times. It must sometimes attract the attention of its target audience towards itself but there may be many times when it should simply observe their conversation and draw useful information about their opinion about the products/ services of similar kind. This means that a business that is serious about using social media sites for its business growth must be flexible in its approach to connect with a wider audience.

For example- the businesses set up their web pages online and prompt the readers to react on the same by liking, commenting, sharing the content etc.

3. Reputation Block

This block talks about the reputation that is built for the various brands, people and the products. As you would agree that quantity of online reputation is measured by the number of followers, tweets, comments, likes and many such similar things. In case of quality measurement endorsements, suggestions and reviews from the known or anonymous people online. Hence, a business must answer its call regarding how it will help a user or target audience to maintain or enhance his online reputation.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      In the beginning the term ‘Block’ created confusion. When we say ‘building block’, it means something about obstacles. But the post presents the meaning in a different way.

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