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3 Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tips For Bountiful Success On Facebook

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Facebook is adding one new user every second. The member base has grown by 16 million since January this year. While 9/10 users access Facebook over a mobile device, 66% of them use a smart phones. At least 60% of the users are under 35, however its still a male dominated network with 75% of members being male. With these kind of statistics from Facebook, it does not need a mathematician to say that this is the network where most of your prospects are.

Marketing spends on social media is increasing, businesses who tried social media last year have this year reserved significant amount to invest in social media and those who have been investing in social media have only ensured more spends this year. The ability to provide technology to communicate on the go; to invest and set up campaigns on the go; to monitor the campaigns on the go and to provide meaningful insights in real time has been the greatest advantage Facebook has given to any business owner / marketer.

Most businesses are hoping on to Facebook like never before, wanting to pounce on their target audience and convert them into prospects and customers.But one must remember that it takes a lot more than just being social to build a business on Facebook. A Facebook page is the face of any business and the presentation sends a quick message about the business. Considering the Facebook page to be heavily dependent on visuals for the first look, one must concentrate on ensuring quick, attention grabbing information to be displayed using visuals. Here are three most effective social media marketing tips for a bountiful success on Facebook.

1. Setting up a page:

You may have been on Facebook for ages now or you might have just started. But its critical to ensure that you have filled in all essential details about your business on Facebook. Leave no field blank, unless its irrelevant to you. While one part is to concentrate on ensuring you give maximum information about your business, the other is to know how a Facebook page works. Understand the settings of the page which gives you control on the communication on the page and conversations on the page. Set this according to the requirement of the business and according to the perception of your prospects. Also, there are plenty of free apps available on Facebook. Check them for relevance to your business and ensure you make good use of it.

2. Content:

Match your Facebook presence objectives with that of the audience availability. Arrive at a content strategy. Research, customize information and post. When it comes to content there are two things one needs to focus on Facebook. One – to ensure that we post relevant, customized, interesting content preferably with a call to action and Two – to ensure you are in touch with insights to understand what kind of content gives you better reach and engagement levels. Always think from a fan angle before you post. Fans dont want to hear about your products but would definitely want to hear about the solutions it offers to a problem. Use text, image, video content judiciously and find out what helps you achieve your objectives faster.

3. Measure:

Facebook insights gives you in-depth real time information regarding the performance of content on your page. The insights help you in arriving at meaningful conclusions that are inputs for your next communication. Measurement is a continuous process. Looking at facebook insights once in a week or even just once in a day (if you are running campaings) might not be a good thing to do. Facebook gives you data in real time that helps you arrive at conclusions on the day, time and the genre of content that interests your prospects.

With the above in place, any business will be able to achieve the highest of growth on Facebook. Soft qualities such as being social and interacting continuously (not posts alone, but active participation in conversations) on Facebook on behalf of your brand gives better results.

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    • 5 years ago

      Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

      Good post. By following these steps and keeping them in mind one can actually achieve a bountiful success on Facebook. Very informative post.

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