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3 PPC Tips To Capture More Traffic And Sales On Christmas

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There are various tips one can use in order to get maximum benefit of one’s PPC campaign during the last minute of holiday season. To Google Consumer survey, it is known that nearly 50% of the customers plan to make their online purchases during the festive season. This is also followed by a –store purchases. Making use of this fact, a marketer or a traditional retailer can tweak several elements of their PPC campaign to optimize and take advantage of this

Below mentioned are some of the tips one can use:

Keywords for Gift Giving

If the marketer is intending to sell products which are gift items, he can do so by including keywords which demonstrate this feature of the gift. For example, keywords like “gifts for her”, “gifts for him”, etc. This way one can show the intent of gifting by including such keywords. In addition to this, consumers also make a lot of searches on the mobile. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the product pages have been created taking into account this aspect. The page should contain specific product names as well as generic product names on the landing page. Generic product features such as “sale”, “review”, etc. also help in bringing consumers on your page after having compared products of other marketers on their mobile. In addition to benefiting PPC campaign and consumer experience, this will also help to boost SEO efforts.

Mobile Device Targeting

With the increase in smart phone usage among the consumers, there has been a large increase in mobile searches for any product. Consumers are not just relying on using the desktops and laptops for their product searches and comparisons. They have also started using their mobile, which come as a very handy device to make quick searches and product buys. Under this scenario, it is very important for any marketer to ensure that a perfectly created mobile website exists which has all relevant information regarding the product and various ways one can buy the same. In addition to creating a mobile website, one also needs to create a mobile advertisement which can bring about good number of sales and conversions of the product. The mobile advertisement should also include details regarding the next step one needs to take to purchase the product. One way to do this is to include a call to action button with which the marketer can make the marketer take the right next step to bring about a conversion of sale. For Bing Ads, the marketers can exercise complete control over targeting devices. In addition to selecting the device (smart phone / tablet), they can also choose none of the above. One should consider creating separate ads for desktop and mobile depending upon the objectives and type of business. Similarly, one should refrain from providing a negative user experience if one is not prepared for mobile marketing.

Catchy Holiday Ads

One needs to include catchy holiday ads especially when the business is seasonal and can get more conversions in the holiday time. It is noticed that holiday time is very exciting and stressful for consumers to do shopping. Hence, failing to write a holiday specific ad could crush one’s holiday campaign. One needs to make the customers feel that the holiday specific offers are specific to the holiday season and have limited validity. One can play into this feeling of anxiety of limited offer validity and make the customers feel that a fast action is required on their part and they need to complete their shopping in this special time. Writing an ad copy which can create a sense of urgency in the minds of the consumer is a brilliant way to get traffic and increase conversion rates. Including ad text like “Sale Ending Soon!” can go a long way to move site visitors more quickly from being simple browsers to buyers by them this feeling that they will get a better deal if they make the purchase right away.

One can make one’s ads more relevant by including a copy which make your audience feel that the product and its offer has been made specifically for the holiday season. Although the service or product may be available perennially, however, one needs to include ad text which makes it feel like a limited available product.

While most of these tips can be beneficial if implemented for weeks before the actual season time, it is also important to run them for sufficient amount of time and getting the campaigns tuned up for the Holiday season. Doing them a little late is still much better than not doing it at all. Our final take on the same would be to create a proper calendar and action item plan for all major events using one’s historical PPC data to plan out all the PPC initiatives.

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