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3 R’s Of Search Engine Marketing To Enhance Company’s Performance

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In order to enhance the performance of the company in terms of sales and visibility one needs to implement these 3 R’s in the Search Engine Marketing Strategy:

1. Relevance: This refers to how close the content of your website / landing page is to the keyword and ad that you associated it with. The relevant content enhances the conversion rate. On the other hand, irrelevant or complicated content stresses the user and hence makes him exit the page with a bad experience. As for example, if a travel website is linked with the search keyword ‘Flights From Mumbai to Singapore’ and its ad highlights ” Low Fare Flights From Mumbai To Singapore” in that case a user expect to land on a page giving details of the flights from Mumbai to Singapore based on the pricing. Instead, if the user land on a page giving details about ‘Places to visit in Singapore’ or ‘Hotels to Stay in Singapore’ then this gives an impression of a company being a pushy sales person and user might find it to be complete waste of time.

2. Reputation:  It’s about building your credibility, which comes only when you provide relevant and original content. One needs to make navigation easy, do not make people hunt around for the information, pop-ups should be avoided. Placing an order for the product or service should be quick and easy. All this helps the business to be get happy and loyal customers who revisit your page regularly and also post reviews and likes which are analysed by Google. These reviews and revisits helps to improve the ranking of the page by the Google.

3. Readability: Here it means how easily a content can be read and understood by the user. One can improve the readability of the page by providing accurate HTML, text size should be neither too big nor too small, the information should be presented in bullet points with graphical representation instead of using dense paragraphs. These days mobile devices are widely used for web access so it becomes very important that the website looks good and functional even on mobile devices.

These 3 R’s are inter-related. Reputation of the business through search engine marketing can be built stronger only when the website has the content of  Relevance  to it. But again Relevance can be appreciated by the visitor only when it has Readability to it. So all these 3 go hand in hand to enhance the performance of the company.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      The example cited inside the first ‘R’ is excellent.

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