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3 SEM Tips To Succeed With PPC Ads On Facebook

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With the continued demand for advertising on the social media, it is important for all advertising professionals to hone there skills to do efficient marketing on social media portals like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Just like Google, Facebook also makes its money from the clicks that the users make on advertisements from the advertisers. Hence, it is in their interest to ensure that maximum number of people click on the advertisements so as to maximize their revenue. On Facebook, there is a very high likelihood for banner blindness to take place and hence one needs to keep in mind certain facts while advertising.

So get going and make the most out of your Facebook Ads and improve your conversions basis the below mentioned tips. There can be more innovative ways to effectively advertise on Facebook. One needs to explore the same and make ones PPC successful on Facebook.

It is very important to ensure that the campaigns on Facebook are set properly in order to be able to maximize the conversion results. The structured approach can facilitate:

  • Measuring of results: In order to measure the results, all campaigns should have an advertising objective. This will help to allocate appropriate budgets to achieve targets.
  • Testing audiences: To measure the response of different types of audience, one must design an ad set for each type of audience.

mMobile Friendly Website

One must ensure that the landing page hit when a viewer clicks on an advertisement is mobile friendly. Facebook is largely used by mobile users. Hence, if the website is not mobile friendly then one must make sure that the advertisement is created for desktop users only and not for mobile users. Here, the number of desktop users who use Facebook is much smaller and hence one can be assured that the money spent on the clicks are not wasted and will land the user on a landing page which can be viewed by the viewer. The placement of the advertisement is also an important factor which needs to be considered. For mobile users, the ad should be placed on the left side of the Facebook page. The placement of ads should be on the right side only for websites which can be viewed on the desktop and not on the mobile.

Using Bright Images

Around 80% of impact of any ad comes from the images used in the ad. Hence, it is very obvious that one needs to use images which are bright, striking and are able to stand out amongst other content visible on the page. Some suggestions of what can be considered as suitable images which should be able to stand out are close ups of people. It has been seen that highest CTRs are achieved on images containing close ups of smiling girls. In addition to this, the images also need to be striking and bright. Images which are too small or depict pictures of far away objects are found to be ineffective in drawing the attention of the viewers. Also, images which have dull colours, dull logos, etc. are found to be ineffective.

It is found that having a thick coloured border around the image can make a dull image striking. This has been found to generate higher CTRs as compared to images without a border. Also, one should use multiple colours as the border as compared to the generic bold red colour used by most of the advertisers. Lime green has been found to generate high CTR.

Split Testing Of Facebook Ads

One needs to note that just like any other digital ad, one cannot set and forget about the ad. The ads on Facebook need to be split tested to zero down on an ad which gives maximum conversions.

The best way to go about doing the same is to create multiple ads keeping all aspects constants and keeping one variable to see which one performs the best. For example, creating multiple ads with the same text and image but changing the border line colour. In this way, one will be able to conclude which colour of the border works the best. In this fashion, one can do split testing for ad text, image, etc. to see which combination will be able to generate maximum number of clicks.

The image that one uses in any ad is very crucial. It is the main reason why one would stop and look at the ad. Hence, it is of utmost importance to get the image right. One can upload up to 6 images for every ad on Facebook.

One should also test different colours that will go well with the Facebook background colour of white and blue. One should use bright contrasting colours which can pull the attention of the viewers.

It is important to understand that for any split test, the number of data points collected is very important. We need to play the ads for a few days and also create more number of ads to get good analytical data.

With this, we can conclude that ads on Facebook are very unique in nature. They are viewed by highly engaged users on mobile and desktops. If one can build a well targeted, quality content advertisement, they get highly visible through the process of sharing, likes and comments. Occurrence of any of these actions can then be further viewed by the entire friend list of the viewer. This makes it one of the most powerful modes of advertising on digital media.

So get going and make the most out of your Facebook Ads and improve your conversions. There can be more innovative ways to effectively advertise on Facebook. One needs to explore the same and make ones PPC successful on Facebook.

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      Aparna   /   Reply

      Facebook is one of the widely used social networking sites. Ads posted on Facebook can lead to heavy conversions. Optimising the content is very important. The content should be monitored regularly. It should be made accessible over mobile devices. These tips should be essentially followed to benefit.

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