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3 Social Media Marketing Myths That Are Not Good For Business Health

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3 Social Media Marketing Myths That Are Not Good For Business HealthSocial media marketing is a valuable addition to the marketing mix. However, there many myths of about social media channels exist in the market. Being active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, business owners and marketing experts should educate themselves on these myths periodically and understand the realities.

Understand the following 3 important social media marketing myths and stay away from ineffective practices.

Myth no 1: Social media marketing needs well experienced IT personnel

This is one of the most common myths about social media marketing amongst the small business owners. They are under the impression that to be active in social media marketing, they need to keep an experienced IT professional to run the show. The reality is actually different.

Social media skills can be learn by anyone from online. It means, anyone who can spend a few hours of time every day can learn social media skills. Small time business owners need not spend heavily on IT experts to manage their social media marketing activities, instead they can learn everything and apply the same on to their social media pages.  There are applications that help to optimize social media websites on search engines.

It is easy to learn Facebook fan page optimization and we can create own blogs, Facebook fan pages and make great social media sites without any programming knowledge. This way, business owners can save thousands of dollars that would otherwise would be spent on any IT personnel appointed for doing these tasks.

Myth no 2: Customization of Social media needs coding experience3 Social Media Marketing Myths That Are Not Good For Business Health

This is another myth about social media channels. Nowadays, everybody is having some sort of working knowledge about computers, however, people still think that they need to acquire some coding skills or HTML skills to create impressive Facebook fan pages. The reality is that all these tasks can be done by ourselves provided if we spend a little time to understand it. Facebook fan page creation requires no coding expertise and it can be learned in one hour time. YouTube customization can also be learned in less than an hour. Creating blogs may take little more time, but it can be made easier if the company website has rich content in it. Overall, the customization of Facebook, blog, Twitter and YouTube will take about one and half day maximum so the business owners can master these channels within such a short period.

Myth No3.  Social media efforts are useful only when it becomes viral

This is another myth about social media marketing. When social media campaigns and videos go viral, it creates a lot of interests and engagements from audience, but the reality is that many of the social media marketing attempts will not reach to that level.

Does It mean that all the social media efforts,we followed are going to be a waste? Not at all. The purpose of social media activities is to add value to the follower’s experience and engage with more customers and prospects. These types of business building exercises will take its own time and that cannot be achieved  in overnight. Of course, these type of activities will really reap benefits in the long run as the company gain more and more popularity during the course all such social media activities. So don’t consider the social media efforts are not helpful if it does not go viral because those efforts are going to be footsteps towards the final goal.

Besides these 3 myths, there are many other myths are about social media marketing. Watch the video for more such myths about social media marketing.

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