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3 Social Media Marketing Myths That May Hinder Your Business Growth

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Age old marketing strategies like hoardings, billboards, newspapers or television were the simplest and common mediums to market any product or service. Those days have now gone past and now people have started looking for other mediums to reach out to their target audience.

Internet and its associated developments have changed the entire perspective of the marketing world. People have started seeking their share of presence in this world. It is not easy to survive in this environment unless & until some very good marketing strategies are formulated.

There are many small organizations, whose online presence is much better than many big firms. It does not require any huge budget to succeed in the online world as social media marketing is the easiest and cheapest way of marketing.

Social media marketing has now become an inseparable part of any organization’s marketing strategy. Pools of information is available everywhere, stating the advantages of social media marketing and how it should be implemented. There are endless theories on ways to formulate a social media marketing strategy, carry out a campaign, attract more customers etc. It is very interesting to go through these details available all over the internet without paying a dime. Many try and follow these tips and succeed too. But there are few unlucky players as well, who end up blaming social media marketing for all the failures, which is very wrong.

The succeeding paragraphs bring out three unfortunate myths about social media marketing and how they can hinder your business growth:

Myth #1: Social Media Marketing Is A Part Time Job

Social media is all about people. It is a medium which aides to connect to a large number of people on any online platform. Presence on social media for a personal requirement has a different purpose. People stay connected without the need to see any updates. But on the other hand, if a business is looking for an online presence, then the strategy has to be changed. Businesses need to show their presence all the time.

Publishing various posts on a social media page will provide only information. It will never be able to retain the readers because there would be many similar pages that would be providing the same information.

In order to connect to people, one should firstly identify the target group. The customer login time must be identified after thorough research. Target that time and publish your post. Ideal time could be when the customers are free. Publishing your posts over the weekend could generate more viewing than other days. Posting articles in the evening rather than in the morning would bring out good results. So, understanding your customers and selecting the right time are two important keys for a better social media strategy output.

Businesses should ensure that the articles are published regularly. The posts should be relevant and interesting too. This will in turn result in further sharing which will help a business to grow and gain popularity in the online space.

 Myth #2: Flooding The Page With Contents

The second myth about social media marketing is that growth of a business is linked to bombardment of contents. There exists a major misconception about social media marketing that the page should be always flooded with information. This is not a right strategy. It is not necessary to post brand new content everyday. Writing new articles all the time will not help in any way.

There are various sources of content. These contents can come in various forms. In order to keep up the interest factor of a page, one needs to work out on the quality of the content. The post could be an image, simple text or a video. If the posts are relevant and interesting, it would automatically help to drive traffic to the page.

Engaging the readers is the next important stage in social media marketing. Once a post is published, businesses should be ready to drag the customers into healthy conversation. Queries should be answered promptly. Suggestions and comments should be appreciated regularly.

Instead of posting new posts all the time, businesses can repost some of their relevant older posts like blog articles, news or some kind of information. These will also help to keep the customers engaged.

Share as much information about the business as possible. The existing customers and new customers would be interested to know about the business, its motive and its future plans.

There are no set rules on how a social media page should connect with its people. Many big organizations having large number of followers may have a casual way to connect with people. The page should be able to reflect the personality. It is acceptable to be friendly. People should gain confidence and understand that the organization is approachable. Entertaining the customers with amusing posts would help further to bond with them.

Since social media is all about people, their interests should be the first priority. Posting easy to understand write-ups and avoiding highly technical jargons will force customers to come back to the page again.

Following and observing other pages performing extremely well, will definitely help to gather tips to build network and subsequently the business will also grow.

Myth #3: Not Many People Use Social Media

Reconsider the above statement, if this is bothering a business. Times have changed and people are more internet savvy than earlier days. People would like to gather information on the go. Advancement in mobile technology has made this possible. Everybody has an account on some or the other social networking site. People visit these networking sites on a daily basis in order to stay connected with their friends, families etc. People of all age group are active on various social networking sites. Customers between the ages of 50-60 are extremely active online and they are the best target with more disposable income.

Patience is very much required to improve the online presence of a business. Lot of misunderstanding is floating around about social media. Businesses expect their pages to do wonders as soon as they are created and this is impossible. Any article published on a social media generates natural traffic. There would be many who would like the article, share it further and gradually the page would gain momentum. Appearance of articles on search results improve and so does the page rank. There are various analytical tools to measure the metrics and insights about a page. Leads get generated and as a result sales revenue goes up. If the page is still not performing as expected, then businesses must concentrate on improving the content, level of activity and customer engagement.

Social media marketing is an advanced methodology in the field of marketing which can rewrite the fate of a page. The success and failure of a page would depend on how well we utilize these social media marketing strategies rather than giving up to myths.

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