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3 Steps To Tag Your Web Pages For Better Tracking With Web Analytics

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Let’s try to understand a very common phrase “Optimum Utilization of Resources” frequently used in Economics in context of Web Analytics. In Digital Medium, we try to track the maximum information of the visitor visiting our website. Therefore, I am not wrong if I say that visitor’s information is our resource here in Web Analytics.

Now a very important question is “How to track the Data of the Visitor” to optimize it in order to drive revenues and profitability. Lets try to understand the procedure in form of 3 simple steps mentioned below via an important tool Asynchronous Google Analytics Tracking Code :-

1) Register yourself at Google Analytics :-

The first and foremost task in this context is to set up an free account with Google Analytics ( by registering your Website there. The account at Google Analytics is set up by a Unique Tracking ID and some Java script which is configured to track the visitor information.

2) Tag tracking ID at every Web Page :-

Most important task here is to paste the Async spinet code (given java script by Google Analytics) at every web page at the bottom of the head section. The Async spinet code has the unique tracking ID (by Google Analytics) congfigured in it to track the information of the visitor. This can done using any HTML Text Editor.

3) Save the Code and Text file :-

Google Analytics provide the user, an opportunity to save the code and text file to access it easily. It also provides user the options to edit and check Status link to check same display of your code as your account sign up process.

Visual Display of above process is recommended to understand the procedure :- 

As we all know that technology is meant to make life easier. We all need to go a step ahead then the steps mentioned above, is to try out hands on live demo at least once to have an understanding on whatever is mentioned above, can really be of use to make our life simpler.

I will look forward for your contribution!

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Is it free to get registered with Google analytics? Or it comes as an additional value added service, when we book advert with Google?

    • 5 years ago

      Karun Takkar   /   Reply

      Dr. Goswami…..I would like to take the opportunity to answer your question. Yes, the basic version of google Analytics comes for free. However, advanced version will come as paid service.
      Anyone can register for the account under “” Url. Click on “Create account” on right hand side top corner

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