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3 Things You Need To Know About Quality Score Utility

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Google Adwords is known to be the best PPC online advertising service that places advertisements with the list of search results. The placement of the advertisement depends on the relevancy of the search query and is determined by Google’s proprietary algorithm. Although, Google Adwords platform is the most efficient one, it is also the most expensive of the other services or platforms providing this service. Hence, it is important to know how one can judiciously use the budget allocated to advertise using Google Adwords. Google, in its algorithm to calculate quality of ads uses something known as the Quality Score of the Ad. This score is used to determine the rank of the advertisement in the search result and the final applicable bid value. Further below, we shall get a brief understanding on quality score, its importance and ways to improve the same.QS

1. What is Quality Score?

Quality score is a factor used by Google to influence the rank and cost of the Pay Per Click (PPC). It is used to calculate the Ad rank using a simple formula which is Bid value multiplied by Quality Score.

The higher the rank, the higher is the placement of the Ad in the list of any search result. Hence, the Ad rank can be increased by increasing the Quality Score. Therefore, it can also be concluded that the Ad rank can be increased without increasing the bid value. In fact, with a good quality score, one can reduce the actual cost of click which can be calculated as shown below:

 (Competitors Ad rank / Your Quality Score) + 0.01 = Actual PPC costformula

Hence, we can see that there is greater visibility of the advertisement leading to larger conversions at lower cost. Quality score also determines if the advertisement can qualify for various features like auctions, eligibility to feature among the top of page impressions and eligibility to use ad extensions like “call to action”. If the quality score is too low, then the advertisement is not eligible for these features. The availability of these features is very important as they make the advertisements more interactive and visible to the viewers, thereby leading to higher satisfaction and larger conversions.

Therefore, we can conclude that having a high Quality score is very crucial in order to have a successful campaign.

 PPC2. Importance of Quality Score

During the early searches, advertisements were given priority spots on the basis of the highest bid value. The charging mechanism was pay per spot rather than pay per click. Not much importance was given to the relevance of the advertisement to the landing page or the product being sold. This used to have a negative impact on the conversions as lack of relevance could lead to user dissatisfaction. As time passed, this scenario changed and priority spots were given to the advertisements with the highest value for Click Through Rates (CTR) * bid value. Here, a lot of importance was given to the relevance of the advertisement, to the landing page or product being sold. However, not much emphasis was given to the quality of content. Now, the scenario has changed and in addition to having good relevance, a lot of emphasis is given to the quality of the content on the landing page. This is because Google realized that only by giving highest importance to quality, can one achieve user satisfaction, thereby leading to generation of higher traffic. Hence, highest priority was given to the advertisements with the highest value for quality score * bid value.

 3. Ways To Improve Quality Score

There are various ways one can improve the quality score of the landing page. One of them is the content on the landing page. This plays a very important role as it has direct relation with the user satisfaction after reaching the landing page. This can either lead to a happy customer who will come back again or an unhappy viewer who will probably show no conversions. Hence, quality of the content on the landing page is of great importance.

Secondly, it is important to ensure that the ease with which a customer can reach the desired page by searching for the keywords has been given a serious thought. The keywords for the landing page should be chosen in such a way that any customer who would uses them get directed successfully to the desired information. Another important factor is the relevance of the advertisement with the landing page content. Imagine a scenario wherein the customer clicks on an advertisement of Reebok shoes and lands up on a page showing Hawaai chappals. This can be a complete let down to the customer, who might after this bad experience never return. Hence, one needs to ensure that the content of the landing page and the advertisement are perfectly related to each other.

Lastly, the number of CTRs is also directly proportional to the quality score. That is, the higher the CTRs, the higher is the quality score. This means that a large number of people using these keywords are getting directed to the content, which also means that the content is relevant and the users are satisfied with the information provided on the landing page. In this manner, with more and more people accessing the content, the quality score will continue to increase proportionately.

In addition to these, one can also improve the quality score by focusing on three important aspects like ease of use, relevance and trust of the viewer on the website page.

Hence, by understanding what it takes to improve the quality score, one can expect that the investment for the advertisement should yield good results. Therefore, there shall be more conversions, more satisfied viewers and more revenue.

To sum it up, understanding what is Quality Score, its evolution with time and ways to improve the same will be required for effective advertising.

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