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3 Things You Should Not Ignore In An Email Design

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Emails are sent to interact with the reader with a personal touch. The businesses today are making themselves adept to leverage this marketing technique and hence there are many questions that must be answered properly before it is felt that the email marketing technique has been understood thoroughly and the email marketing campaigns will surely bring in the desired results. The following are 3 important elements of an email design that demand the attention of a serious marketer.

Leverage the pre-header

preheaderThe preheader text is an important feature that must be taken into account while designing emails for the mobile devices. It is the text that can be seen just below the subject line so as to give the summary of the email or act as a call to action for the readers. A preheader text holds quite an important position in the email marketing strategy as the modern day audience do not have more than 3-5 seconds to skim through the first email preview and the second chance (after the subject line) to engage him secretly lies here. A compelling call to action, emojis or synopsis of the email can be included in a preheader text. So, use it smartly and reap the rewards. (Pre-header text highlighted yellow in the image mentioned in the right side)

Smart usage of the written text

There is always an issue regarding what if the email recipient has the images disabled? Your idea of including the images was to enhance the quality of the content but the purpose will not be served if the reader is unable to get the message that is placed in the form of an image which he ultimately cannot see. It doesn’t mean that there is a need to avoid the usage of the images altogether but use them when you are sure about they are received properly. A wise solution is to format the text in a creative manner by using various different fonts, colours or text size for setting different tones in the message. This helps the reader in understanding and locating the main point in the conversation which is actually liked by him!

Include social media sharing buttons

If you truly desire that the audience you want to engage with feels motivated enough to connect with you, then, make sure you facilitate them to feel that way. One good way to do that is to include social media sharing buttons at the end of the email. This actually serves many good purposes such as:

  • Growing your fan base without any additional investment on the same. This happens when a person with hundreds of fans or followers online reads your entire email feels compelled enough to connect with you on a social media platform. He also jots down some beautiful words about the brand on the same! Isn’t a great situation to imagine? This is actually happening for your successful rival brands!
  • The readers get a direct link to connect with you for further dealings. Just including the social media sharing buttons in an email gives them an impression that you are a confident business person and are interested in taking the relationship further.
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