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3 Tips For Writing Ideal Adwords Ad Text

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There are various ways in which one can write Adwords ad text for one’s PPC campaign. Since the real estate for the same is limited, one needs to use characters judiciously and smartly, in order to generate traffic and sales revenue. We shall be discussing some of these simple tips to be kept in mind while creating ad text for Adwords.

  • Headline

headlineFor any ad text, the headline plays a very crucial part in making one’s advertisement visible in searches. The ad text comprises of a total of 25 characters which can be used to create a catchy headline. It includes the inventory for spaces, characters, special character, etc. A strong and catchy headline should always be used to make a strong statement regarding your ad, in a few words. There are multiple ways in which one can come up with a good catchy headline. If the advertising is focusing on generic keywords, one should then use descriptive headlines. In this case, the description should contain details about the product. For advertisements focusing on searches on brand name, one must include the company name or brand in the headline. This will help in getting top position in the search list when the name of the brand or the company is used in any search. It is also a good idea to highlight the headline in bold with bright colors like red or blue which can make the ad pop-up when displayed in search results.

ad text

  • Include Keywords In Your Copy

keywords-stuffingA simple method to make an SEM profitable is to include core keywords in the ad copy wherever possible. This can help in establishing the relevance of an ad to the consumer who is doing a search and with this; he will be able to see merit in the offering. Google highlights the keywords and the synonyms in the ad by popping them up in bold. It should be remembered to not stuff the ad with keywords. The keywords which are relevant only should be included so as to bring about good results. Needless stuffing of keywords will make the advertisement look unreal and confuse the viewer. One can go for several trials to check which keywords are performing well to give the desired results. The keywords which are under performing should be substituted with other keywords which can give optimum results.

  • Create Multiple Ads

Another key point to be kept in mind is, creation of multiple advertisements and not relying on just one advertisement for one’s campaign. One should create at least 2 to 3 advertisements and include them in the campaign and ad groups. In this manner, one can check and monitor which advertisements are performing well and which are not. The search engine networks also play a vital role in evaluating the version giving the best output. It is easy to set the ad rotation feature to get high number of clicks. One can also take a crack at evaluating various permutations and combinations to design multiple ads. For example, one can keep the headline same and change the advertisement, then keep the advertisement same and change the headline. In this manner, one can evaluate which combination is performing well and giving good output. Also, advertisements can be designed in a way wherein one can highlight a specific feature of the product. The end result, is to be able to compete with the competition and to be able to capture the customer, so as to increase one’s sales revenue. Therefore, it is mandatory to try out multiple messages and run them frequently to check the performance. During this evaluation, one may understand that the advertisement that we believed was the best failed the test while some other version of the advertisement did the trick. Once you arrive at the best option, various variations of that advertisement can be checked for and the low performers can be ceased.

  • Qualify Your Customers

It goes unsaid that it is mandatory to get relevant and good quality clicks as the outcome of a PPC campaign. It is very trivial to get large number of clicks but the important issue to be considered is whether these clicks are capable of bringing about any conversions. This is so, because we may find many consumers clicking the advertisement and landing on a particular website page, however, they may not end up buying any product thereby leading to loss of business in addition to the marketing budget allocated for the click. Therefore, it is very crucial to make sure that the consumers who click the advertisement are genuine and interested in the product. As a result, this might only give rise to less number of clicks; however, the chances of getting sales revenue out these clicks will be high. For example, if the price at which the competition is selling a product is cheaper than your price, it is beneficial to mention that higher price in that advertisement. This way the consumers clicking on that ad will do so only if after having seen the price, they are genuinely interested in buying the product. This might filter off some of the viewers who otherwise would have probably visited the website and ended up not purchasing the product due to its high price, thereby bringing down the traffic on the landing page. Similarly, if your product is cheaper than the competition, it is important to put that price there, to attract more traffic to your website.

In this manner, one can look at various simple techniques to write a successful ad text for ones ad campaign. One will need to try out all of these techniques to see what works the best to make one’s campaign successful.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Using appropriate keywords, multiple ads customizing as per the requirements of target audience, attractive keywords etc will help a marketer to generate a good and high quality adword campaign. Good writeup.

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