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3 Ways To Drive More Website Traffic Through Pinterest

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pinterestThere are no two ways about the fact that social media is a crucial element for your businesses’ growth. So, you do put a lot of efforts in researching and writing lucrative content for your website? Do you publish quality content on your website and post blogs on your website? Are you wondering that despite blogging and adding new content on your website you are not getting the desired number of readers?

Have you ever wondered how often and on which social media platforms do you promote the content? If not, then it is essentially the right time to take notice of the same and not only write engaging and interesting content but also thoroughly promote it on as many social media platforms as possible.

Having said that, there are plenty of social media platforms on which a successful digital marketing strategy relies that help to generate more website traffic. Eventually, there is one such social media platform viz. Pinterest through which marketers can anticipate higher amount of traffic being generated on the website. This is because Pinterest is increasingly becoming a platform wherein people go to read the articles of their choice. So, this is a great platform to leverage upon and tap more traffic to your website.


Here are 5 actionable ways to drive more website traffic through Pinterest:

1. Get the official ‘Pin It’ buttonpin it to win it

It is essential to get more people to share your content by using the ‘Pin It’ button on your website as by doing this, you will increase the likely chances of your ‘Pins’ appearing in the search results. Moreover, this will act in favour of your website as the more number of times the pinners add things from your website, the more level of website credibility it will have. This further implies that there are better chances of appearing on the search results.

2. Write compelling Pin descriptions20140205pinterestpinit

Another important way to drive more traffic to the website is to write compelling Pin descriptions and optimizing them such that they have a dramatic effect on the Pinterest search impressions. Try to understand the psyche of the pinners and accordingly include those terms in the description.

3. Include plenty of imagespinterest images

It is evident that Pinterest is nothing but all about visuals. Even though, it might seem to be counter-intuitive to place images when you want the readers to read the content; but including great visuals are a great way to lure the pinners to click on your blog, thus sufficing the purpose of increasing the website traffic.

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