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4 B2B Email Marketing Tips For Smooth Sailing

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Email marketing is one of the most interesting and rewarding marketing strategies that is adopted by the modern day businesses for better growth. There is a difference between email marketing campaigns that are designed for business-to-business and business-to-customer communication purpose. The former one involves formal communication that is rigid, boring and corporate in nature while the latter one has a scope to be interesting, interactive and informal to some extent. Both the email designs have a lot of scope to be creative and the challenge is to use the creative streak in the right direction so as to generate maximum number of leads in one go itself. The efficiency of an email marketing campaign is decided by the number of times it has been opened and read by the readers. This is called open rate in email marketing terminology. The companies align their email marketing campaigns with web analytics so as to generate a report which will give them the data showing the results of the campaign(s) launched. The data is important as it helps the company to make right changes at the right time and maximize the returns. The emails can be customised according to the need of the hour as per the data of the report.

This blog discusses 4 tips to improve email marketing campaign for business-to- business purpose.

1) Earn from email subscribers

The businesses earn the revenue from email subscribers whom they interact with in a formal and targeted way. The persons who have subscribed for the emails are a good source of revenue for the businesses. The same can also be measured and hence paves the way for the top management to measure the data and analyse it for good. It has been seen that the customers who subscribe for the emails spend more amount of money on a product as compared to the other ones. The email subscribers are interested in knowing about the company in a serious manner unlike the customers who are not at all interested in receiving any email from the company’s side. This actually suggests that they are not interested in further communication with the company which is actually a bad sign.

2) Be creative in the right manner

The email marketing campaigns fail due to inappropriate use of creativity in the email design. The email for business-to-business design is meant for the purpose of building and sustaining the relationship for a longer period of time unlike the business- to-customer emails where the basic purpose is to generate more and more leads from a campaign. The call to action in the B2B emails must be at the top only and the rest of the email content must communicate about the uniqueness of the product or service offered by the company as compared to the market in general. The factual data plays a key role here but exercise some restraint and do not sound pushy.

The emails must have some good information to read, understand and digest for the B2B clients. There can be tips but it is better to include them in a personalised manner if possible. The emails with simple tips and tricks are not taken as seriously as the ones that present the same thing in a bit personalised manner. This does not mean that a business must understand the receiver first but tit simply means that the email must be altered according to the industry parameters.

3) Landing page

This is an important part in an email marketing campaign as this is the page where the user visits after reading the email. This page communicates a lot about the commitment a business has for itself. The landing page must not be in isolation but in continuation of the email so that there are no glitches in the process of leads generation. If you have come with a white paper about the business, then it can be included in the email as well as on the landing page for the readers to see and engage with it. The language of this important page must be in accordance with the audience and any mistake in the design of the landing page can prove to be highly disastrous for the business. The link for this page must be pasted correctly in the email. It must be ensured that the downloading time of the link is as less as possible for the sake of convenience of the readers.

4) Segment and personalise the emails

It is necessary to segment the emails according to the content that is to be delivered. These must also be personalised for the better outcome. B2B emails are generally cold and corporate in appeal and therefore it is required to be designed in such a manner which makes it livelier and easily understandable. The readers of the B2B emails are not individuals with few needs that may or may not be specific but the corporate clients who have their expectations set according to the returns they wish to obtain. The emails should deliver the content or information according to their goals and need not bush around the point.

A well segmented and personalised email stands out well in the crowd in the inbox of a busy businessman. One thing that must be paid attention to is the heading of the emails. There may be a single email which is to be sent to many corporate clients but precise variation in the headings of the same make it appear as a personalised message and not just any other marketing communication being done at random.

Things become easy when proper efforts are taken in the right direction for some period of time on a continuous basis. Email marketing for B2B is done with special care and attention by the email marketers for their clients. Hope the above mentioned tips will give you some right direction and there will be huge gains in the future. So, launch your B2B email marketing campaign soon and start experiencing the clear difference!

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