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4 Best Hacks To Convert Your Blog Into A SEO Machine

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Writing and Posting Blogs for a while but seeing no page visits, shares, likes or customer engagement? Don’t be discouraged folks; you probably need some SEO hacks to drive more traffic to your Blogs.

In the country like India, where people are slowly being accustomed to digital magazines, blogs, articles than traditional newspapers, you should grab every given opportunity to catch maximum eyeballs. There are 100 more strong, excellent and powerful digital platforms who are using SEO techniques to maximize customer engagement and interest.

If you want to stand out amongst the crowd, you need to go extra miles and be creative to get your blog viewed by many. It is pretty easy and not at all a Rocket Science. You just need to have good SEO techniques in hand to have an edge over your competitors.

Here are some simple and easy cheat codes to keep your write up ahead of others. Go and try now!

Keyword Research


This is a SEO strategy you need to be well-versed with if you want to be ranked number 1 on the Google search pages. You need to search for the right keyword that has the ability to generate maximum viewers.

Google Keyboard is one tool through which you can easily find out the keyword that are popularly searched several times by the viewers. You have to be smart in understanding which word would go best with the related product or services being offered to the customer. Try to use the keyword that has the maximum popularity and which has the tendency to grab the target audience or potential customers.

If that’s not enough, you can also set up a free account about AdWords and then research the keywords you think are likely to be viewed by the people. Also, if you add your city and state, you are likely to be reviewed on local search results.

Make Use Of Response Design

responsive web design

If your Blog is attractive and boasts good design template, then you are sure to drive website traffic and boost SEO. It is seen that a responsive design enables your content to be viewed on a wide range of devices. It helps your blog to create consistent user experience while preventing unwanted performance issues which is the major cause for increased bounced rates.

A responsive design also includes Call-To-Action. Try to pursue users to take instant action while they are procrastinating to buy your product and services. A small subscription form, asking for the customer’s name, residence address and taste can boost your Blog viewership and at the same time helps you grow your business and maximize customer engagement.

Besides that, you can also add a video featuring the benefits of using a particular product or service. An amazing and catch video would arouse interest in customers and pursue them to go for the purchase.

Make it Visible


Visibility is of utmost importance for any blog that aims to sell a product or service. There is no better way other than social platform to reach your target audience. You need to make use of social media channels intelligently to generate new traffic overtime and improve search engine rankings. Make sure your readers are able to subscribe to your future content through RSS subscription. Making use of RSS subscription option on all your blog posts enhances your visibility and improves your optimization results.

You can also share your Blog posts on Whatsapp Messenger and ask your friends and relatives to read your write ups and leave a feedback. It would do wonders to your Blog viewership and helps you grow your business. If that’s not sufficient, use Hashtags – the most effective tool to enhance visibility worldwide. A Hashtag lets other page followers who have used the same Hashtags, to read your Blog and buy their subscription or products/services.

The Usage Of Links


If you are not receiving expected results, then your website’s link profile can improve your SEO results as well. The usage of links to drive traffic to other resources is another best way to generate inbound links in return. If you are making use of high quality links, then it would direct others to your Blog.

If you link your content to other posts that you have just published, then you are providing more value to your target audience while building your credibility as an industry leader. However, it is believed that your inbound link would take some time to develop as you grow your online network. As an alternative, you can still use internal links to perk up your SEO.

If that’s not working at all for you, then you can choose a keyword and post it in permalink. Use this link after every blog as it helps to identify one keyword to focus upon. Once you are done with it, put it up in the trifecta of permalink, page description and page title.

So, these were some of the hacks that you can utilize in the effective way. However, there are numerous ways with which you can have a hold on potential readers and pursue them to go for the purchase and enjoy the services.

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