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4 Core Deeds Of Social Media Landscape

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Today, Social media is widely present on World Wide Web and the best piece of this landscape is its compatibility with other content-based websites, service providers, gaming websites and the like.

When such landscape is available on World Wide Web, why not come forth and reach the hot spotlight.

So, when we say Social Media Landscape, it does signify that its periphery is so wide, that you can earn marvelous profit out of this landscape.

So, here are core deeds which are significant part of this social media circle:

1) Publish: Publish your content on World Wide Web. Tools can be Blogger, WordPress or you can buy your own domain name. Start publishing keeping in mind of your target audience. Nowadays, Web presence is not the issue, the major issue is substance, people do lack in content, creativity and audience don’t like it much if it’s uninteresting.

2) Share: Now, the content has been published. It’s time to apportion it with the World and the best portion is if your content is relevant and decent enough, people do immediately share it among their circles. Now, we have social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn where content can be easily shared.

This is how the chain of followers multiplies & here’s the chance to showcase people about your content. If they do like, they might bookmark your website and can keep visiting and you have made your customer therein.

3) Discuss: Start a discussion about your theme or look out for websites or forums where relevant discussion is going on. Fit yourself and start discussing about the content and can even share link of your site which can extract some decent followers.

4) LiveCast: Now, have you ever thought of your own channel on TV and perhaps can establish your media presence on TV. Well, you might see it impossible considering large investments into account, but you can have a channel, that too free of cost, a YouTube channel, where you can produce some cool videos, but make sure it heats up the consultation and the audience like it. You might have heard about videos going viral, they get viral because their videos are amazing and people love catching those.

You must have watched the Gaganam Style video which was the most viewed video on YouTube in 2012. Now it went viral because it was the craziest video to watch.

So, work for what can hit up audience hearts. Do ensure whatever you create is for users, not for your personal perspective. And Yes, you can earn through the YouTube channel by using Google Adsense as well.

Today, we all are on this landscape. Those who play it smart are doing it smarter and leveraging it substantially.

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    • 5 years ago

      Tarun   /   Reply

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