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4 Great Ways To Promote A Google+ Hangout Event

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This blog discusses 4 effective ways of marketing the hangouts of Google+ quite well in order to maximise the profits and let the door remain opened for smooth profits inflow in future as well.

Share the hangouts with the circles

It is good that Google+ plus allows for endless number of circles to be formed and joined. You can share the Hangouts on these circles smartly and earn the rewards. The people who attend your Hangouts can be rewarded with special treatment like sending prior notice/reminder about a Hangout which is somehow linked to the previous Hangout they attended and hence would interest them.

Using communities as a sharing platform

You must have joined multiple communities. Grab the opportunity to share the HoA on the relevant communities so as to earn maximum number of views and further shares from the audience that has an interest in the topic of the Hangout.

Another thing you can do is to become a member of a community that is created for the sole purpose of sharing the Hangouts only. Such communities come in handy and purposeful when you want to share your Hangouts on a regular basis to engage the audience as they can locate you easily.

Invite fans/followers/friends on Facebook

People love to feel special and what would be the best way to make them feel so other than inviting them to an upcoming Hangout on Google+? The friends, fans and followers on Facebook must be invited to the Hangout event well in advance. Who knows who and how many of them could become your customers in the near future? This way you are also widening the scope of social media marketing to a great extent.

Send invitations to connections on LinkedIn

Do not hesitate to send invitations to as many as 50-60 connections on LinkedIn for the Hangouts in future. You can pick and choose the professionals who would find the topic exciting enough to attend and give their expert views on the same. If there are expert people from the industry attending the Hangout, there are good chances that the Hangout will be a success and there will be more worth to it.

Some bonus tips will include that the content of the Hangout must be of high quality and well structured so as to maximize the engagement of the audience. As it is obvious that the speaker(s) and the guest(s) are quite important and hence it is primary that there is proper communication with them so as to ensure their availability and the other relevant things well in advance in case of a live HoA. You can ask the co-host or the speaker himself to share the Hangouts, tweet about it and let the people on Twitter know about the event.

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