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4 Highly Trustworthy SEO Tips For Your Business

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Internet is flooded with the best tips and tricks for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & marketers are looking at each and every aspect of them. In fact, they are leaving no stone unturned for successful SEO of their businesses. That leaves us with best practices to follow. Here are 4 highly recommended & trustworthy SEO tips for your business:

Sourcing Links

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Every link pointing back at your site is considered as a vote/authority for the site. Make sure it comes from a trusted source with a high domain & page authority. Since all pages are not alike in terms of relevance & the quality of content, similarly the link building is also considered in the same order & ultimately impacting the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

The higher the authority of the source link, greater are the chances to beat your competition and be on top of the game. So how do we find the relevant sources? That’s when you start digging and find out what your competitors are up to by looking at the source links they have been using.

This can be achieved by looking at the site explorers offered in the market.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

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Leaving keyword research aside is not an option & it forms the core of all the SEO friendly text of your website. Being specific to what your audience is after, is really important & that adds to the relevance factor as well. Google’s spider programs keep looking for the valuable content & if they don’t find your site relevant to what users search for, it will penalize you. Make sure you keep the following intact:

  1. Meta Titles specific to your keywords
  2. Meta Description to the point & reflecting the ‘real’ content of the page
  3. Alt Tags & Images with keyword specific descriptions
Relationship Building
SEO relationship Building

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Though we are thriving in a cut throat competition today, it is still a collective effort what we call the real evolution of digital world. Hence, sharing information becomes pertinent & it is the need of hour for today’s businesses. SEO is no stranger to relationship building, marketers continue to grab every reputed blogger’s eyeballs. Here are few tips to build relationships on web:

  1. Look for ‘up & coming‘ bloggers
  2. Link to their blog sites & articles
  3. Write an article for them
  4. Interview them & share it on your blog
Avoid Link Spamming

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If you can’t build links, that doesn’t mean you simply have to. Avoid Spamming others with your links, unless of course you are desperate. Google had its way on all the spammers with a crackdown by introducing updates in its algorithms. This was done to tighten nose on all those who thought they would game the system by manipulation. There were spammers who had thousands of links which were paid and meant to manipulate the rankings of SERPs.

Hence, avoid link spamming because we know Google is watching.

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