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4 Major Practices For Automated PPC Rules

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In today’s world where ‘ time is money’, Google AdWords feature to automate the campaign comes as a big relief from continuously tracking and optimizing the campaign. There are many actions which become a regular feature in which not much of decision making is required like-tracking that the keywords bidding should not exceed the allocated budget or like pausing the campaign at a particular the time slot everyday  because of low traffic etc.

But these automated rules need to be carefully implemented else they can give negative results to the campaign. Here are few rules which one should practice for automated PPC campaign:

1) Get Emails For Errors: One must always receive the emails for the errors which have occurred in setting of the automated rules. These emails should inform you that you have not set up the rule properly or most importantly your rule did not run. This will help you to take immediate corrective actions. Hence, in a way you are always sure of  being alerted about any undesired action in your campaign.

2) Set A Two Way Rule: Its important to set a two way rule else you will not get the desired result or the optimization of your campaign. As for example, if you set a rule to pause a campaign over the weekend due to low click through rates and conversions rate, in that case its very important to set a rule that will enable or activate the campaign on Monday, else your campaign will be paused forever or for example, if you activate a rule to raise a bid for low CPA keywords in that case to optimize this rule its equally important to activate a rule to  lower the bid if those keywords CPA’s increases.

3) Use Enough Data: Its very important to track a particular aspect before making a rule for it.You need to have enough data to have a real feel of the performance of the particular keyword or the campaign etc. before setting up automated rules. As for example, if you want to set automated bidding rules for a particular keyword then its important that you have manually tracked its performance and the keyword has enough impressions before it can be put for  automation.

4) Review The Automated Rules: Setting up automated rules in no ways means forgetting about that aspect of campaign. One needs to go back regularly may be weekly or monthly to track the performance of the rules or to edit or delete the rule if it hinders the performance of the campaign. Rules also needs to be changed based on the change in the competition or due to change in the business strategy.

Automated rules is a great feature to save time and improve the performance of the campaign. However, it requires careful rule setting and continuous review for optimization of the PPC campaign.

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  • There are 3 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      I’ve found the introductory paragraph and point no 3 are contradictory. in the beginning, the statement says we need not to track daily/continuously, but at point three, we are advised to use lot of data and tracking. Please clarify.

    • 5 years ago

      Priya Bhatiani   /   Reply

      Mr.Goswami, this is in response to your query. The third point is about actions to be taken before implementing an automated rule.

    • 5 years ago

      John Abraham   /   Reply

      A good post which clearly show ways to keep a tab on automated PPC campaigns. The third point is the highlight were you have a tested statistical data before depending on automation.

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