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4 ‘R’s – Right Content At The Right Time To The Right Person Through Right Channel

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In this digital era, the Customer is all over the web. There are many channels through which he has to be engaged or to ‘catch’ his attention in the best time possible. This is not an easy job as there is no mechanism to make the customer stick to one channel to grab the attention (which happened with TVCs, DND etc).

Right Content: Content always plays a key role in engaging and attracting the customer at any point of time through any given channel. It should be authentic for any campaign. The content should create interest in / engage to attract the customers. It can be a new product update, awareness, handling customer queries etc.

Ex – Jaago re campaign from TATA Tea targeted for the public on VOTE. They created a strong platform around the importance of voting in India to create awareness.

Right Time: The timing is very much important as there are many channels through which any customer will be ‘active’ at any given point of time. The campaign / message has to reach the right customer’s attention span and convert him into a PROSPECT. The Customer should be able to Connect for what he is looking for and generate more interest.

Ex- The timing of the Jaago re campaign was high during the election time as it matters the most during that time.

Right Person: The TARGET AUDIENCE / GROUP should be clearly set before the campaign starts. This saves a lot of time in getting quality leads and the CONVERSION RATE will be high to generate more traffic and revenue. Ex- A Premium brand car should target the managerial level employees at a CXO level as that is the target segment for that car. The acquisition rate in Inbound marketing will be less when compared to outbound marketing.

Ex – This campaign basically targeted the normal public who do not utilize the power of voting, which matters the most during any elections.

Right Channel: As there are many Channels where the Customer is ‘actively’ present, one cannot take a chance of sticking to one channel. Preferences of customers vary according to the tastes / demographics / interests / professions, etc. Presence should be felt in the best channels possible to have his/her attention, and based on customer’s interest, that particular channel can be more engaging with more planned activities for those customers. There should be a right mix of channels within a specific time frame to make the campaign more efficient.

Ex – The  Jaago re campaign targeted TVCs, internet, social media to bring more awareness in the public.

There should be a right balance in all the 4 ‘R’s to make the campaign successful in any inbound marketing campaign. Jaago Re campaign was successful because of using all the elements effectively and efficiently.


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    • 5 years ago

      Arushi Sundaram   /   Reply

      Another example of a successful Ad campaign can be Vodafone. The Zoozoo campaign was talked about a lot. The consumers’ interests and reactions to the new schemes were depicted perfectly through the Zoozoo characters and it captured the attention of a lot of people.

    • 5 years ago

      harish   /   Reply

      nice piece on digital education. thanks for the post!

    • 5 years ago

      srinivas rao   /   Reply

      Good One …. Best Wishes

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