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4 Social Media Marketing Tips You Must Not Have Encountered Yet

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Social media marketing is a great tool available for the modern day businesses. Its greatness lies in the vast scope of creativity with which the marketing exercise can be carried out without any huge investment either in terms of time or money. Social media marketers engage themselves in finding new and effective ways on a routine basis so as to make their clients as satisfied as possible. The following are 4 tips to succeed on social media with a robust marketing campaign.

  1. Use time stamps for videos

You must be posting videos on social media sites often but a small change in its presentation may change the way an audience responds to it. Use time stamps to let the readers know about the topics that are covered in the video without expecting them to watch the entire video for the purpose. Time stamps are nothing but an index of topics for a video that enables the readers to jump to that part of the video which appeals them the most. It is written in the format- hours: minutes: seconds. Just by clicking at a time stamp, the reader will be able to see the video from that time. This will save a lot of reader’s time which in turn will positively affect his engagement with the same.

  1. Leverage Instagram smartly

Since few marketers have turned their eyes on this useful marketing tool, the conversation rates are high enough to give you a jerk. You can use instagram to send messages directly to the followers and expect a sure response from them in return. The instagram messages can include 5 pictures and can be send to 15 people at a time. So, use it for email list building or lead generation as per the requirement.

  1. Deploy a team to connect with the customers online

If the business size is big and there are many wall posts everyday inviting number of comments, queries or feedbacks, then it is wise to deploy a dedicated team to respond to the readers online. A method that is generally followed by the businesses is to create a secondary page and handing over its charge to the admin team. The team will be able to log in and reply back to the readers’ queries or comments. The team communicates on behalf of the CEO of the company with a personal touch by addressing the people by their first names. The quicker the response is given the stronger will be the trust factor in the near future. The reply should be honest so as to glue the available audience for a longer period of time.

  1. Find out the goal first

The businesses try to be present at all the social media channels but do not succeed in making their presence felt to the right audience. This happens when the business goal is not clear. List down the social media channels you use and then brainstorm the reasons ‘why’ you do so. This will help to find the utility of a particular channel and modify the strategy for the same and get better results sooner than later.

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