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4 Tips For A Successful Business Through Pinterest

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pinterestIn this internet age, we almost everyday come across so many exciting things and wish to save it somewhere for our future reference,which might otherwise get buried in this too wide web. This is precisely what Pinterest does. Pinterest saves all the good things an individual discovered for infinite future and it starts with a Pin. A pin is a visual bookmark. When an individual clicks on a pin, it takes you right to the website from where it came from. One can also find pins from other people on Pinterest and anything literally, anything from the web can be a pin. A pin could be a delicious dish, awesome make-up, adventure trip or a Do It Yourself (DIY) home decor. These pins can be saved on boards where they are saved by themes or topics and entire favourite collection is at fingertips. Pinterest offers Pinterest browser button through which creative ideas discovered around the web can be saved with a single click.

The underlining concept behind Pinterest is that visual content is a guaranteed winner. To corroborate through facts, 94% more total views on an average are attracted by content containing compelling images than content without it. For 67% of consumers, clear and detailed images are more important then product description and ratings. 60% of people are likely to contact businesses whose images appear on search engines than others where no images are provided. Another reason behind Pinterest success is the ubiquitous presence of smart phones. People consume data on-the-go and therefore short, engaging images are always better than content. Since the image shows the product, people don’t have to take marketer’s word for it. It implicitly builds trusts and entices buyers. When the product is shown how it is used, it sparks people’s creativity and they are more comfortable buying products. Embracing products, employees working, work-locations, brand colours and other related virtues are definitely going to add charm and beauty to the photographs and at the same time increase the loyalty factor. Visual images can easily overcome language barrier in out increasing globalized world, where audience can spring up from different corners of the world. Visuals are like a magnet, it simply pulls audience, but care should should be taken to avoid stock images, people easily recognize them and those images loose their sheen.

Comparing Pinterest with Facebook, both of which offers opportunities for visual data, marketers are of the opinion that audience on Pinterest are in the ‘buy’ stage whereas on Facebook audience is more interested in interacting with friends and brands. Facebook is the king when it comes to creating awareness and relationship building because of the sheer number of its users. On the other hand, Pinterest has a very small community and that too divided on the basis of interest areas, but it is a more efficient marketing tool than Facebook. To cite data, Pintrest traffic spent 60% more than than traffic coming from Facebook, Pinterest audience converted to a sale 22% more than Facebook’s audience, but Pinterest can gather relatively smaller set of eyeballs.

Here are 4 tips for successful business through Pinterest:

  1. TIP 1- Pin with a Purpose– Many businesses create profile on Pinterest just for the sake it, or because they copied it from their competitors or because they simply want to mark their presence on all social marketing platforms. Pinterest is a part of online strategy, but Pinterest has a little different role to play in the overall online marketing strategy. Major goals of organisations vary among driving audience to the website,adding people to mailing lists or finding leads and turning those leads into buyers. Driving traffic to the website is the hub of the wheel while Pinterest is one of the spokes. The way this spoke has to run has to be decided.
  2. TIP 2-  Let your true personality shine– Pinterest is all about interest and passion. Things businesses are passionate about should come across on the boards and pinned. Never pin a boring image or somethings that sharply contradicts the personality of the business. Create a personality that clients would love to follow and resonates well with the brand. Businesses ought to be the ultimate source of information and ideas that their customers seek. This will build immediate networks with the prospective customers.
  3. TIP 3-Learn about the audience– There is a host of data available about the followers on Pinterest profile. Spending time on these profile, gathering an insight into the lifestyle of the audience, their tastes, other passions might prove to be very beneficial. Taking account of the information so collected can help modify and inculcate strategies that  are more likely to click with the audience and marketing communications can be easily made more effective. Its simple, social media particularly Pinterest provides a glimpse into the lifestyle and behaviors of audience which must to optimally harnessed to improve business leads and profits.
  4. TIP 4- Altogether skip the sales pitch– Flooding the Pinterest page with photographs of products is a strict no. People don’t come to Pinterest to be sold to, they are there for their passions, for enjoying lighter moments of their lives, and sharing their interests. In this day of internet, we need to realize that what we need today is subtle and soft marketing, marketing to humans who is ever aware of the world at large, and therefore just putting up photographs of products is not going to work. On the contrary, it is going to annoy customers. Thus one should include photographs of people happily working in the organizations, ambiance and environment of the organization can be another idea. Be as creative and unique as one can be.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

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    • 4 years ago

      Riya Arora   /   Reply

      Thank you Mallika for sharing such valuable knowledge with us. Really Pinterest is becoming major part of social media marketing. Your tips will surely help me to improve my business through Pinterest.

    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Nice and informative information. Yes, it is true that photos and videos attract more people than content without this. Many of us are not aware about benefits of Pinterest. But I must say this article is definitely helpful to understand the basic idea behind Pinterest.

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