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4 Tips To Design A Good Video For Successful Inbound Marketing

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Inbound marketing is all about attracting the positive attention of the audience at large and giving them a reason to convince themselves about your brand. A video is certainly a great way to engage the audience and tell the story in an interesting manner. Here are 4 helpful tips for you to design a video and communicate straight, but not dry with your target audience. Here we go!

1) Do Not Demand Much Patience

It is difficult for anyone to have patience to listen to a video that is longer than say 2-3 minutes. Your call lies in bringing in the creativity and develop a video with just the right words and the precise content so as to deliver it in the form of a small capsule.

2) Format Matters

Your video is bound to stand out if you follow a simple format, conveying your agenda, main highlights and a quick recapturing of the whole content with a repetition of the call to action. The audience will be engaged in a better manner if they are asked to think less and take more easily.

3) Take A Shot Twice

It is wise to record a video twice as the extra stuff came in handy at the time of editing. You can also experiment recording the video with different angles so as to make even a static thing look interestingly dynamic. The movements play a crucial role in gaining the attention of the audience.

4) Background Is Important

The background of your video subtly conveys the message about your professionalism to the audience. For example, if you are preparing a video for a facility tour, then you should not stand in one place and state about it. Rather the video should be moving along with you. If you are recording a customer testimonial then it is good to take the background of his office into picture in case of B2B dealings.

Hope these video tips will help you create not just good, but a great video for your inbound marketing campaign. Good Luck!

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