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4 Major Tools For Selling Your Business Online

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Today, everybody is online, from scholars to their parents to local communities to small / medium enterprises to large MNCs.

Whether you are running a local business, or local trade, a private limited or a factory even, today web presence is must.  When you can sell your business sitting at your places, what’s better than that? Right?

Kicked the bucket are those days, when businessmen used to hire people for door-to-door marketing or local autowallas to make announcements (believe it, it did happen a few years back. Hope you did witness it) or have to put up pamphlets to show their presence.

Today, Social media is the best way out and it saves your time, effort and indeed money reducing your work loads & thus helping you to concentrate on concrete & major things of your clientele.

Talking about selling businesses online, below are some ways via which you can stand right up with a green flag of your concern.

1) Set up a web presence : You can buy a domain name for your website. It will take a few bucks to set up your web presence.

2) Google+ for your business: Today G+ is the second best social networking site after Facebook. You should create a G+ page for your business & promote it on G+ where you might find millions of people counting out for business like you. Also G+ is a product of Google, they incline to boost your site rank on their search engine if you have a Google+ page of your business. You can create Facebook page for your business, but what drawback it has is that its reach is far less than Google+. So, sometimes companies pay Facebook to reach out to more people. Hope you are conversant with “Promote Post” tab on Facebook.

3) Google Maps: If you are running a local enterprise, it would be a great thing to reach out to those within your boundaries and outskirts. People do search using keywords like “Bookshop in Bangalore”. Instantly, when you have put up your business on Google Maps, it will be featured  thereafter on maps and people can locate your business easily.

4) Blogger: If you are someone who doesn’t want to pay for fixing up your web presence, then don’t worry, you can even create blog for your clientele which is free of cost. Simply pen down the character and unique content about your business and with the use of specific keywords, your website would be ranked up in Google search engine.


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  • There are 5 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      Well written, a little that could be explained above. I believe in today’s world anyone can become an entrepreneur. One just needs to know the right tactics to leverage their business.

    • 5 years ago

      Siva Krishna   /   Reply

      The most happening place at any given point of time is on the web… Irrespective of the business size, ‘active presence’ in the online space is a must to attract more traffic which good leads to get revenue. Striking a balance between the channels is the key with content being the core of all.

    • 5 years ago

      Gyanesh   /   Reply

      Now setting up an online presence for businesses has become quite easier. And guess what?? It won’t even cost the businesses a penny. There’s more. Why opt for a “” domain, when there’s an option of a .in one, that too for free with a complimentary hosting from the well-known HostGator for an year.

      Google in partnership with FISME (Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises), HostGator, and Knowlarity has come up with an initiative named India Get Your Business Online, website:, where they are providing businesses the necessary tools, tips and resources to succeed online.

      Your views are highly encouraged.

      Thanks & Regards,

    • 5 years ago

      Tarun   /   Reply

      Interesting read Rishab. In your opinion, will online selling be equally effective for B2B business (in comparison to B2C business) since it requires more real time interaction and relationship management which may not be sufficed through virtual interaction?

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Hello Rishab, thank you for sharing appreciative insights. These 4 tools are important. But how could we decide, which 4 tools would be most suitable? What about social media? Don’t you think the business needs a social media presence, too?

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