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5 Amazing Ideas To Make You An Email Marketing Expert

5 Amazing Ideas To Make You An Email Marketing Expert

Marketers these days have tones of options to reach out to customers these days , but it is a proven fact that the age-old Email Marketing technique is still an extremely efficient tool to garner leads and prospects. However, designing an Email Marketing campaign from the bottom up, can be a challenging prospect. It is extremely important to keep in mind that people are busy these days, so your Emails must be to the point and concise. There are also many different tools to gauge how well your campaign is going. The open rates and click throughs will tell you whether or not your progress is satisfactory, and you can always modify your campaign based on these statistics.

Why becoming an Email Marketing expert is important?

It is important to note the relevance of Email Marketing in the market these days. Why? Because email marketing has the single best ROI (Return on Investment) of any marketing tactic at $38 for every dollar spent. Hence, it is especially crucial for startups to nail their email campaigns since more often than not, they work on a tight budget. Moreover, it helps you directly interact and build potentially long-lasting relationships with people who have expressed direct interest in your cause by signing up for your mail list.


Here are 5 amazing ideas that are guarantee you that your Email campaign meets it’s objective with minimal fuss and turn you into an expert in this field. Have a read:

1. Add urgency to your subject lines

As I had already mentioned before, your recipients do not have the time to peruse through a long, detailed Email. The first way to attract your customer’s attention is by ensuring that you have a clear, creative and urgent subject line. Subject lines are the descriptions that appear to the viewer even before they open your mail. Hence, it should be something that attracts them deeply enough so that they open it immediately.

Also, it is advisable to not exceed 50 characters for your subject line, since information after that is likely to be cut off especially on smartphone devices. Words like “last chance” and “now only” will have much more of an impact on the viewer than plain text descriptions. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think what kind of emails would you respond to. If you are having trouble thinking, just open your own inbox and take a look at the promotional mails you receive and decide what kind of mails you prefer opening. This will help you with your campaign.

2. Play with your Email design

A vibrant and to-the-point email will obviously get more attention than the one which is simple and bland. While designing an email, it is important that you play with the layout and template. Placing your images, contact details and content at the right places, while ensuring that the colours don’t daze the viewer or affect the text is one of the most key aspects of designing the perfect email. If the viewer doesn’t like your email setup, he/she will unsubscribe from the next time, which will mean loss of a potential customer. To avoid such a scenario, try making your email as subtle and as attractive as possible, and try having a basic grasp over HTML if you prefer to develop your own templates rather than use pre-existing ones.


3. Get the content right

With the subject line and design addressed, you now need to work on the most important part of the email i.e the content. An email that has content which is different to the subject will never make the same level of impact as the one which has both the elements interconnected. The key is to get your word across in as precise a manner as possible, while keeping the tone of the mail in tune with the product you are selling or the service you are providing. It is also mandatory to send relevant mails to relevant customers, otherwise people will not only unsubscribe but may also report your IP. Segmenting your database based on what kind of products or services you are offering is advisable to gain better responses.

4. Use a call to action

After the user has read the email, you want him/her to do something, say make a purchase, download an e-book or read a blog piece. Whatever the desired action may be, you should add a call-to-action button.

A call-to-action button enforces the reader to take up an action, and in that way you end up getting clicks on your blog or your website. Sometimes, people add a hyperlink in place of a button but the latter is always more pleasing aesthetically.

5. Add social media buttons

If your mail is engaging enough, the people of your database will want more information from you. Before supporting your cause or buying your service, it is imperative for them to understand why your organization is unique or why it is better than the rest. And in this day and age of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, customers want to connect with the brands on a much wider level than just blogs and websites. As such, adding links to your Fb page, Twitter account or Insta handle is a great way to your email is a great way to ensure that interested customers have a wider access to your products and can easily share it with their friends and family.


Some Additional suggestions:

Also, it is necessary that you respect your subscriber’s privacy and wishes, so you should be adding an “unsubscribe” button and send them a ” thank you” mail if they end up buying whatever it is that you are selling. Every user loves a personal touch, and it is proven that adding one to your mail will significantly enhance your ROI. Statistics are also a great way to tell people how much  progress your company or cause has made, so be sure to add them as well.

With these tips, I hope you can take your email marketing campaign to the next level. Of course, it is advisable that you run a few demo tests firsts, and once they are done, you can roll out your arsenal effectively.

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