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5 Email Marketing Tips For Higher Conversion Rate

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Email marketing is leveraged by the businesses as a part of a marketing mix or a sole marketing campaign in the modern day scenario. As it calls for investment of both time and money, it is not affordable to launch a campaign first and then look for the responses it generates within a specific time period and with a particular set of target audience.

This blog discusses 5 email marketing tips that are simply indispensable to achieve quick and sustainable growth of a business.

  1. Spam folder test

The very first tips to make an email marketing campaign a huge success is to pass the spam folder test. There are certain keywords that do not resonate well with an email marketing campaign and may lead an email to fall into a spam folder without receiving any attention from the recipient.  Hence it is highly important to optimise the creative and basic structural elements of the email in order to improve the deliverability of the same.

  1. Very less loading time with crystal clear CTAs

It is important that the time of the reader is respected and an email opens in the shortest possible time limit. Not only the time frame should be quite small, the calls to take action(s) must be clearly visible in an email. The reader must be able to quickly gauge the offer made as well as the route to avail it. This suggests that the first few seconds of email downloading/opening and glancing it are very crucial and decisive for the success of the whole efforts involved in the same.

  1. Experiment with the email components

Any change in the important email components such as a subject line or layout is considered good as far as it is well thought and well implemented. A subject line needs to be informative, catchy and crisp at the same time in order to be categorized as a perfect one. One must test various versions of the texts, images or other creative elements used in an email and keenly observe it for any change in the conversion rate. There are many case studies to prove that few minor changes in the email components hold the potential to boost up the conversion rate enormously without involving an investment of huge costs on the part of the marketer.

  1. Send emails 3 times

It is not a good idea to drop an email and wait for a response for a long period of time. Instead what is desired is to send an email multiple times or specifically 3 times to increase the chances of receiving a response from the readers. Increasing the frequency to a higher number would be a waste of time and giving an impression that the sender is either a desperate loser or a fraud who is trying to trap the receiver. But keeping it restricted to 2-4 times helps the sender give an indication that he is serious about the reader’s response.

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