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5 Facebook Tips That Are Crucial For Quick Business Growth

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5 Facebook Tips That Are Crucial For Quick Business GrowthFacebook, turned 10 in February 2014, exceeded the one billion-user mark in 2012 itself and is now a household name in India. Facebook started functioning as a website, but in 2014, it is mobile devices that take part in its growth. The main revenue of Facebook comes from its advertisements. Large number of companies advertise their brand on Facebook nowadays and this base is growing year on year.

How we can use this channel more effectively for quick business growth? People do everything that is possible to grow their brand on Facebook. Engagement is the key factor that impact the growth of a brand on this channel. Traders usually begin their task by inviting business friends and people who are in the same line of business. We could find many brands did the same on Facebook over and over again, but failed to achieve good results. What went wrong?

Let us first understand how does Facebook work.

5 Facebook Tips That Are Crucial For Quick Business GrowthMost of our Facebook friends do not come back to our page unless they liked our post and Newsfeed. To improve service, Facebook selects the best posts and puts them on top news section. This section shows popular stories from our friends and pages that have gained a lot of attention already.

When we like a picture or video posted by a friend, Facebook gives priority that post and it will be posted in our Newsfeed. If we do not react to a friend’s post, then that post will not appear in our Newsfeed, so it is important to post content that people would comment, like, or share on other channels.

Facebook looks at four main factors to determine which new post should show up in the news feed.

  • If we like or interact with a page’s posts that Facebook showed you before, then Facebook lists more posts from that page on our timeline.
  • Others reaction to a specific post: If everyone on Facebook ignores or complains about a post, then it is less likely that the same post will be shown on our page.
  • Our interaction with posts of the same type in the past: If we like photos always, then there is a better chance that we would see a photo posted by page.
  • If any of such post has received complaints from other users on Facebook, then we less likely to see that post.

How we can improve our reach on Facebook and gain maximum engagements? Here are 5 top Facebook tips that are crucial for business growth.

  1. Post information to create an emotion or a smile. We can post Quotes, proverbs, photos, videos, advices, actions, questions or anything that can create impact on audience. The best way to engage people is by adding call-to- action comments to share or comment below the pictures and videos. We can include some description about the photos posted. Add some tips and ideas if the picture is related to any process, activity or anything that sort. For example, if the picture illustrates cooking healthy food, then include some recipes of healthy food and few tips on cooking. People would love to learn such things from their Facebook account.
  2. Talk about fans, students, teachers or our employees: It would really appeals to our audience when we post some interviews or stories that they like. We can include stories that talk about achievements of a teacher or student and choose teacher or student for the week or month based on their achievements. Include interviews of such achievers along with it and add some call-to-actions- answering some question or mention opinion about the student/ teacher- and make it more interactive and engaging.

5 Facebook Tips That Are Crucial For Quick Business GrowthFacebook gives better rank for photos and videos. Posts with pictures and videos create much better impact and better coverage on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t like just texts. If you have something to convey, use photos along with it. It will boost our ranking high and create much better impact on News feed. When writing text, give some space in between as it is easier to read, without giving uneasiness to eyes. When sending a video, always include some texts below with some call to actions such as watch this video or share this picture or something that sort.Call for Action: Tell people what to do. Tell them what expect them to do. We can increase the amount of reaction from our audience this way. Call to action are the words that urge the reader to take an immediate action such as “ Leave a comment,” “Please Share,” “Click here” or anything that sort. A post without a call to action is considered incomplete and ineffective.

index3. Like and answer comments from fans. Like, answer comments are part of a conversation. The more comments posted the better. If one of our friends is not happy with us, then ask this person to contact us for the solution. Give our mail address, phone number to this person to contact us. Never ever try to fix the problem on the page in front of everyone.

4. Modify link that we share. When we share a link, the Facebook suggests a text. Modify this text as per our requirements. Make it the way we want. We can modify the title and description by simply clicking on them. To share a video from YouTube, simply copy the URL of that video and paste it in a Facebook message box. The video with its embedded title and description will be automatically appeared there just below the link we entered. Click on the title to edit it the way we want. Modify the description also in the similar manner. We can include some text at the top of the pictures that ask for a call to action.

5. Allow fans to publish on our page. If we do not allow friends to publish on our page, they will do it in our post, or they will send us messages. When our friend shares something on our page, it is a positive sign and Facebook will pull our page rank high. But if we don’t check out our page every day, then it doesn’t make sense to let friends post on our wall.

Post daily. Publish two to five posts every day. Less than this is not enough and more than this is too much. Give 2 or 3 hour gap between each post and do not send everything at the same time.

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