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5 Good Reasons To Make Twitter A Part Of Social Media Marketing Strategy

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5 Good Reasons To Make Twitter A Part Of Social Media Marketing StrategyTwitter is one of the most popular social media channels used for all types of businesses. Twitter platform is different from other leading social media channels hence; it has got its own unique role to play in a business. Twitter is a micro blogging platform where users can send short messages up to 140 characters long to people who follow or subscribe to that user. Here the user receives tweets from people when the user follows them. When you follow someone on Twitter, you could able to read, reply and share the tweets received from that person easily.

Usually when people send tweets the link to a blog post, website, PDF documents, photos, video or any other form of documents will be included in that. It is a known fact that pictures can convey messages more clearly so on Twitter, users can attach photos with a short description to make the message more appealing and effective.

Here are 5 top reasons to use Twitter for business promotional activities. These Twitter marketing strategies will be useful for internet marketers to achieve better result when they use Twitter for their business:

5 Good Reasons To Make Twitter A Part Of Social Media Marketing Strategy1. Use Twitter to gauge competition level

Twitter offers a lot of information about people who are in the different type of businesses. Online marketers use Twitter channel to study about their competitors. On Twitter, marketers can follow their competitor’s activities; understand weaknesses of their competitors and other related information that would help them to formulate a new strategy for their new products.

Twitter is a great place to do research on our prospects as well. Marketers use this platform to understand more about their prospect’s likes and dislikes. Marketers can use this channel to understand what their prospects discuss about at that particular moment.

5 Good Reasons To Make Twitter A Part Of Social Media Marketing Strategy2. Twitter is a great place for networking

People use their Twitter account to send short messages and to get an instant response. This is an awesome place to connect with people because this channel is more vibrant than most of the other social media channels. Marketers can identify people who are in the same niche market and start a live conversation publicly or through direct messages.

Twitter is a great source for hot news. Latest news about any common niche such as sports is very much accessible on leading sports channels like ESPN. However, if someone wants to get the recent information about some specific niche that is not available on any special television channel, then Twitter is the place that one can rely upon. Twitter is a great place to search for latest news that falls under a specific niche. Twitter is a great tool to access immediate content and news.

Twitter provides the most recent information about different topics that happen at that particular moment. Twitter break all important news and trending topics even before they are aired on big television channels such as CNN & BBC.

Twitter platform features many experts from different part of the world who share their views on a topic that interest us. Here, people talk about the real topics of a specific niche that might be an important piece of information to an online marketer.

5 Good Reasons To Make Twitter A Part Of Social Media Marketing Strategy3. Twitter is a perfect platform for brand building

Twitter is one of the most useful channels for campaign marketing. Companies use this platform to create brand awareness and campaign promotions. Marketers can post their tweets about their product, company and the services that they offer. When these companies post their contents on Twitter, people would actually go to the links provided on these tweets because they know there is a great source of information out there. This is a great tool for branding and almost all reputed brands use this channel effectively.

4. Twitter is a best place to promote website

5 Good Reasons To Make Twitter A Part Of Social Media Marketing StrategyTwitter is one of the fastest growing networks with millions of users logged in at every time. Companies can leverage on this huge audience base to get more visitors to its website. Twitter account can be a great source of traffic to a corporate website when that company tweet tips on regular basis. When people go to the link provided in the tweets, that link would direct them to the company website that shows more information about the content that was tweeted. This way, marketers can get continues flow of people visiting their blog, website, Facebook page or any other online properties via Twitter and get very wide exposure to their company website.

Though we can get good source of traffic from Twitter, it is not recommended to tweet direct promotional messages or direct adverting messages on Twitter platform. Such direct promotional activities are a big turn off for many people especially when there is no effort taken to build relationship in the beginning. Engagement is the way one can get good results from any social media channel. People buy a product only when they find it good for them and not because they received too many tweets.

5 Good Reasons To Make Twitter A Part Of Social Media Marketing Strategy5. Twitter as an effective customer service tool

When a new product or a blog is launched, marketers can tell their Twitter followers to ask questions about the new product using a specific hashtag. It would be a great idea to use hashtags that carry the brand name and the type of support offered.

We can set up a helpdesk service on Twitter platform. This type of help desk service is very economical and extremely useful especially when the company website is down because of heavy traffic. The company website may be down sometimes but the Twitter account will be there to provide uninterrupted service at all the time. This way, marketers can ensure that the best service is provided to their customers round the clock. Almost all big companies use their Twitter account to provide the customer support services effectively. Twitter is a best place to collect feedback and complaints from the existing customers as well. This way, companies get a chance to improve their service quality and get more loyalty from their regular customers.

Twitter offers the best search functions. People can actually do thought searches on their Twitter account. Here, people can see what other people are thinking about a particular topic at this moment. For example, if someone is looking for information about dog training, they can get such information from some of the active users in that same niche on Twitter. This is not like the Google search results where people could find only the niche topics written in the past alongside some ongoing conversations about it whereas Twitter provide access to the real time discussions happen at that moment about the subject. These types of recent updates are very valuable. None of the big search companies such as Google or Yahoo can provide this kind of powerful input in their search results.

Twitter search results are very much optimized for different niches. Twitter has now enabled the people search options. For example, when people search for a term “Email marketing” on Twitter, they get tweets optimized for this niche along with the user names of each tweet in the search results. In this manner, we can do people searches on Twitter platform for a specific keyword.

These are some of the good reasons to make Twitter a part of our marketing plan. This list is not complete as there are many more reasons to give Twitter an importance role in the social media marketing strategy and brand building.

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      Aparna   /   Reply

      Yes, Twitter is definitely the most sought after social networking platform. The most interesting and attractive part of Twitter is its ability to limit the contents. People really get bored of reading lengthy content. The crispness in the message attracts people by generating curiosity among followers. That way it helps to build the network. No doubt, it is coolest social networking platform.

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