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5 Good Web Analytics Tools Alternatives To Google Analytics

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Google first rolled out an all-compassing Analytics Service in November 2005. However, due to scalability issues, this web analytics tool became widely available only from August 2006. With a plethora of highly useful features such as mobile and tablet analytics, multi-channel funnels, advanced reporting system — it is not surprising to see that Google leads the bandwagon of Web Analytics Tools.


For majority of users, especially since the toolkit comes free of cost, Google Analytics is a preferred solution for majority of their web analytics needs.

However, for certain needs and depending on the type of online business model, Google might not be the only alternative. In fact, there are some of the alternate Web Analytics tools in market. These tools are relatively easy to learn for newbies. They offer enhanced usability and some unique Analytics features.

Here are 5 cool web analytics tools that are great alternatives to Google Analytics:

Woopra Analytics

When it comes to real-time updates, Woopra is a clear leader. Woopra shows fantastic reports with instantaneous updates to the real-time data. Another unique feature of Woopra is that it offers Enterprise Edition that offers customized solutions to help organizations address their unique needs. For customers based in the enterprise world, Woopra offers services such as evaluation, premium support, customized reports, highly scalable infrastructure and Enterprise Cloud.


AppConnect is a newly launched feature that helps users to easily integrate Woopra with a number of other tools such as Stripe and Magneto. AppConnect shows a single unified view of customer data from various sources. Woopra assists web analysts to understand in a comprehensive manner. Customer profiles help to track customer data from desktop, mobile emails and chat conversations. Woopra also gives funnel reports and user retention reports, which ultimately lead to increase in conversion rates.

Piwik Analytics

The truly unique feature about Piwik is that it is an open-source web analytic tool. As a result it allows users to import log files which help greatly in analysis. It has excellent mobile apps for both iPhone and Android users. Piwik is commonly used by individuals, small businesses, large companies such as T-Mobile, Forbes and governments worldwide. Piwik functionality can be easily extended by addition of new plugins. The list of features offered by Piwik is comprehensive. It provides all important analytics features such as tracking goal conversions, site search analytics, real time data updates, customizable dashboard, row evolution and content tracking. Piwik also offers the much needed integration facility with more than 65 technologies.


Popular systems for content management such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal; online shops such as Magento, Zencart and Prestashop, online forums such as SimpleMachines and Vanilla are just a few examples that can be easily integrated with Piwik.

Clicky Analytics

Clicky offers a super valuable feature named Heatmaps. There are various types like individual visitor heatmaps, per page heat maps that are shown along with their segmentation data. Clicky offers plugins for various platforms such as Shopify, GoDaddy and many more. Clicky also offers a set of sophisticated APIs to extract traffic data into many regularly used formats.


Using APIs users can retrieve, blend and store data in their own applications. Real time analytics offers a hosted solution named white label service that allows users to brand it as their own company name, logo, products and CSS and allow users to resell it to customers. If social media is an important part of a company’s campaign, Clicky offers a special module to monitor Twitter. Click for Twitter offers fast and secure web analytics.

MixPanel Analytics

The specialty of Mixpanel lies in the fact that, it measures customer engagement based on user actions, and not traditional page views. The traffic data is naturally tied to users. Mixpanel is impressively scalable i.e. it analyzes about 24 billion user actions each month.


Funnel reports offered by Mixpanel, assist web administrators in measuring navigation details of each customer. While it is certainly beneficial to seek customer feedback frequently, it is important for web administrators to proactively make data centric decisions about user retention. Mixpanel offers extremely useful retention reports that give concrete data about effectiveness of any changes to website. Trends analysis offered by Mixpanel help analysts learn more about upcoming and changing trends in customer activity. Revenue Analytics feature helps in figuring out lifetime retention value of each customer. An employee at any hierarchy level can quickly create and send mobile Mixpanel surveys to mobile customers, while customers are using their company app on phone.

FoxMetrics Analytics

FoxMetrics is an affordable web analytics tool that offers solid support to websites to increase their conversion rate. Just like Mixpanel, FoxMetrics puts lot of focus on user actions. It provides a plethora of actionable KPIs to analyze article views, visits to purchase and ultimately boost the conversion rate. FoxMetrics report system is comprehensive, easy to read and analyze. The time to get on-board with Foxmetrics Dashboard is minimal and process is easy. Even new analysts can quickly get hands-on with the system. FoxMetrics automatically clubs similar products into individual categories and provides reports both at individual product or parent category level. FoxMetrics JavaScript library can be quickly integrated with Magento so users can get more customized functionality. The real-time FoxMetrics Analytics provides instantaneous visitor information on all platforms such desktop tablet or phones. Another key feature is trigger functionality offered by FoxMetrics.


Triggers help analysts schedule kickstart specific actions based on customer behavior. Foxmetrics can be easily integrated with many other services such as SalesForce, HighRise and Stripe. Administrators can quickly change look and feel of their websites based on customer data and evaluate results with FoxMetrics.

A significant number of web analytic tools are available in market today. It can be an overwhelming choice to learn details for all tools and choose the right one.


It is important for administrators to clearly define goals and then search for right web analytic tool to do the job. Learning curve plays a big role in this decision. Budget is another key factor that drives the decision of which tool to use. Analysts should do a trial run or ask for free demo before signing up to use any web analytic tool. The goal is to ultimately choose a tool that will correctly help in maximizing business impact.

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    • 4 years ago

      Gorkem Cetin   /   Reply

      Thanks for this article Mukta – all your recommendations are fab. I’d suggest that you also mention Countly (honest disclaimer: where I work), an open source web analytics platform which has Javascript crash reporting, user profiles, segmentation, funnels and user flows. It’s possible to slice and dice custom events to get more detailed information about users. In short, I’d say if you want a complete web analytics with SSL encryption, geo tracking, complete API, clickpaths & flows, email stats, country reporting and more, Countly is just another open source alternative.

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