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5 Google Analytics Tips To Make Your Web Analytics Effective On A New Interface

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There is a website for your business which is similar to the brick and mortar store as the visitors come here to make the purchases. Hence, it is required to not just present it in the best possible manner but also to manage the activities so as to understand the same and take further actions. Web analytics is the answer to the problem of difficult in managing the activities on a website or other platforms. Google analytics is a web analytics tool that is offered free of cost by the search engine giant Google and is employed by the businesses worldwide. It is also possible to know the exact tweet or post which brought in the leads and increased the sales as well. The following are Google Analytics tricks which must be adopted to manage the dashboard effectively and reap the rewards.

The first thing you can get from Google Analytics is the visitors overview report under the audience site. This shows how many visitors have come and how many page views were there, demographical behaviour reports are available to you. These details are important for a business and can be easily attained with the help of Google analytics.

The duration of time that a visitor spent on a website page can also be obtained. It has become easy to understand an important thing called landing page and the bounce rate associated with it. The bounce rate is nothing but the rate at which the visitors bounced back from the landing page once they landed there. The reasons for this action could be many such as inappropriate content that was not liked by the audience or the bad impression given by the page as it was not properly presented to the public. The pages with high bounce arte can be identified easily and then improved upon. Audience, advertising and traffic source are the 3 relevant things present in the left hand side menu of the dashboard aligned with Google Analytics. All the useful data related to these 3 fields can be obtained and analysed by the experts. If the bounce rate is more than 70% then it suggests that the situation is really bad.

The data can be obtained according to the demographics and the location of the visitors. The option of demographics is of great help in this regard. A map showing the areas where more leads are coming from can be seen and clicking on the same will reveal the things in detail. The map has different shades to exhibit the different level of interaction of the customers with the business. This is useful both for cultural business as well as international ones. Such data is very helpful in designing the focussed business strategies and come in action. The darkest area in the map reflects the highest number of visits from that particular area. Just clicking on that will again give another map showing the data representation say with dots or circles. This is the information which plays its role in the designing of marketing strategy for a product with appropriate keywords that are specific to that area.

For example- a coaching centre is about to be launched and there is already high traffic for the similar keyword from a particular area. This is a great boon for the marketers as they can channelize their resources well with such an in-depth knowledge about the market. The data is depicted in the form of a table as well showing all the important aspects such as the duration of time that a person has spent on the website or the number of times it has visited a page. The action that can be taken here includes the modifications in the social media platforms that are now localised, using the keywords that are area specific or launching a promotional campaign for that area. The list is endless and the right option to be chosen depends on various factors such as the resources that are available with a business or the kind of product or service that is being offered.

The next type of report that is generated with Google Analytics is that related to a referral website or the sources that play an indirect role in bringing in the traffic to the main website. The actionable step here is to obtain the data about the same and then try to find out ways in which you can approach that website. The purpose of applying Google Analytics is to learn about the customer online behaviour and then chalk out the path to earn more and more number of leads and expand the business.

The third type of report that is obtained by the marketers is regarding the download time of a web page. This is an important aspect no matter how trivial you treat it to be. The online visitors have much less patience as compared to their physical counter parts and hence it is necessary that proper attention is given to the fact that the download time of a web page is as low as possible to make the whole experience smooth and fruitful.

The tabular data shows the downloading time for each and every page of the website which is integrated with Google Analytics and makes it easy to take the corrective action. If the download time of a page is higher, then expect a penalty from Google as this is taken as a potential hindrance in the god online experience for the search engine’s users. The actionable step here is to decrease the download time of all the pages which currently have high download time so as to increase the customer engagement to a certain extent. No matter how much interesting content you deliver through the page, an anxious visitor is not going to spend more than 5-7 seconds waiting for a web page to download for him to continue. The advantages of a Google Analytics report are many in number but beyond the scope of this blog. So, use this tool and analyse useful reports on a daily basis for assured business growth.

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