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5 Handy Tips To Leverage Google+ Hangouts Sustainability

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A recent study on YouTube video showed that 100 of the world’s top brands have invested cash and resources to the tune of $4.3 billion and more in creating just video assets and yet, around 50% of these videos have less than 1,000 views. The rate at which video content is being uploaded daily on YouTube which according to a study is around 12 years, it is not weird that fan-made movie and TV parodies, flashy music videos and grumpy animals are outscoring corporate video content.

Due to the above stated limitations and increasing influence of entertainment videos, companies are increasingly using the services of Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOA), which is free and an interactive video production tool. Google+ allows you to host a live video conference with around 10 participants wherein the other viewers/participants can watch, comment and message questions in real time. The broadcasts  automatically gets uploaded on your company’s YouTube page. It can also be streamed live directly on your blog or website with the help of an embed code. The best part about the whole thing is that this does not requires you to shell out money as Google+ offers this service for free.

Following are the take-aways which one can expect from a well-executed G+ Hangouts On Air strategy:

  • It helps to empower your users and also gain ardent subscribers for your brand.
  • It helps to enhance exposure and authorship rank.
  • It is an effective channel for developing new content ideas.
  • An effective method for comprehending and evaluating your viewer’s sentiments about your products, services and brand.
  • An efficient method to build transparency and authenticity into your message and brand.

For instance , one of the client’s of MarketingSherpa  saw it’s website receive around 200-300 percent more unique visitors monthly after they started posting videos regularly. Furthermore, users spent 3 minutes on an average on pages which have videos (viz-a-viz to the pages without  videos which have 30 second bounce rate).

One can only imagine the kind of exponential reach their businesses can achieve by attaching Hangouts to their customer testimonials, product demos and other video content marketing activities.

5 Tips For Using Hangouts On Air Effectively

Since the time Google+ has launched it’s Hangout On Air feature, there are ample possibilities and opportunities of using content marketing through Hangouts, for e.g. brands are actively using it for recording interviews, live performances, Q&As, instructional videos, tutorials, chocolate-tastings etc. Following are few tips which can be helpful in making efficient use of Google+ HOA:

  • Using Google Ripples For Tracking Reach And Performance: Communities develop and multiply naturally on Hangouts, here you can utilize Google+ Ripples to analyse who is sharing & re-sharing your content, what kind comments they are posting, the language in which your content was shared etc. Thus, this feature can assist you in identifying the key influencers. By following how their communities are interacting and reacting to your content, can offer essential insights as what type of content you should produce that will be most compelling and interesting to your audience.



  • Using YouTube’s Insights: One of the important features of Hangouts On Air is that it can be recorded to a YouTube channel directly. In addition to this the insights section on the website provides access to the detailed analytics data as to who is watching and from where.


  • Optimizing Your YouTube Uploads: HOA provides several ways in making videos more discoverable:
    1. By including rich keywords in your video’s title, tags,description and file name.
    2. Use of text and captions within the videos helps in ranking for keywords for your videos within YouTube search.
    3. HOA allows for in post-production stage, the time stamp questions or the key moments that took place during the session which gives the users the option to skip to parts which they found most relevant (for e.g., “@2:55: ways to be best Hangout On Air guest“).
    4. By creating a XML video sitemap you can actually get your video content indexed.



  • Building anticipation around your Hangout: Reaching out to users in the +1 circles, your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, your LinkedIn groups and networks. One can also build a custom invite through+Events to get your audience excited about attending the Hangout. Do you propose inviting a special guest or do you propose to teach people how to loose weight without dieting? You need to be sure that you provide clear expectations and incentives to those who attend your session.
  • google-hangouts-on-air-setup-screen-1334x748Producing High-quality Videos And Promoting The Hangout Session Before And After: The most essential ingredients for videos are audio and image quality. It is a wise idea to use a good microphone with good quality sound than a really fancy High Definition web cam.  It is a general trend where users tend to be more tolerant of a lower-quality image with good audio than of a HD image that has low audio quality.

Assigning a small budget for promotion of your Hangout event is quite essential. Suppose a significant no. of your users are on Facebook, then you can provide your post a boost and make it feature on your fans’ timelines and also on the timelines of their friends. The estimated reach of your post varies and depends upon the number of fans you have — as well as the no. of friends each of them have. For e.g., suppose you have 3,500 friends, then probably for $20 you can reach between 7,500 and 14,000 people .


In the field of digital marketing, video content develops the deepest connection between you and your audiences, since it directly responds with social environment of today’s marketing landscape. The most unique thing about doing a Hangout as your content strategy’s part is that the marketing continues to be in place even after the broadcast is over.

imagesHangouts is one of the quickest and easy solution for archiving and streaming events, hosting webinars, press conferences and other broad reach activities. It helps in an easy set-up of a private session to hold work trainings, internal meetings, job interviews etc.

This acts as a “lightweight video production tool”  and as an informal and hands-on way to provide your target audience more information and also at the same time showing them you care enough to keep them informed.

Thus, Google+ Hangout on Air has indeed come out as one of the modern and effective tools of social media marketing.

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