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5 landing page demonstrations that can make a large difference

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When anyone talks about experiments or demonstrations, it sounds like something profuse and complicated. One need to set control and get sufficient sample. But is this testing really worth it? Yes, smart marketers aren’t always running huge tests, and they know that those small tests have a big impact, for example when blog subscription box was added to the landing page forms, the blog subscribers increased by 128% within 3 months. This is just one example. There are lot of things that can be done on landing page to generate more leads and customers.
Given below are 5 ideas for landing page tests.
1. Instead of a form pay with a tweet
Mainly landing pages are created to help marketers to generate lead. People just come to the page, fill out a form and get a piece of content and thus a new lead is generated. But what if all the people downloading the content are already leads.
If progressive profiling is used, then the form can be replaced with a “pay with a tweet” button. Thus people have to tweet the link of the landing page to get ingress to the offer. This is helping in bringing more people who might be new leads in the database.

2. Submit button’s color
It is the most classic A/B test one can run. It is quite straightforward. The main thing to keep in mind id that tested color s should be different from each other when first starting out testing of colors to get more conclusive results.

3. Follow up emails vs. thank you page vs. combination
When someone fills out a form on website to download content, does he gets the content via email, or he is taken to a thank you page to download the content directly?
Ways to deliver content to the leads can affect the probability of them reading the offer.

4. Landing page layout
Changing layout means simply moving from right side of the page to the left. It is even easier when some landing page templates are available. For this just copy and paste the content from original landing page template to the new one.

5. Personalization
If the marketing software has a personalized content feature, then the contact information can be copied on landing pages or thank you pages. Adding contact’s name or company name can make a huge difference in the conversation rates.

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