5 Reasons For Digital Marketers To Learn Coding

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With the onset of so many social media channels, the ever changing landscape of marketing has taken dynamic steps in order to cater to the marketing needs of companies and satisfying each customer’s demands. There has been for a long time been a distance between the Techie and Marketers. But the rise of digital marketing has urged marketers all around the world to wonder about the importance of Technical and Coding abilities for digital marketers. After all, the basis of all digital campaigns is the underlying code.  So let’s find out why coding has become a necessary weapon to have in your digital marketing armory.

“As I see it, code literacy is a requirement for participation in digital World”-Douglas Rushkoff

The rise of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery and etc. The web technologies are changing at a very fast pace and making it very easy for anyone to pick and understand the language. Coding is not something to be afraid of. Rather coding is fun and not so difficult to understand. People are leveraging their coding knowledge in various fields to develop automating tools to improve their business productivity.

5 Reasons For Digital Marketers To Learn Coding

So here is a list of 5 reasons why digital marketers should definitely learn how to code.digital-marketers-learn-coding

  1. To Understand The Underlying Technologies

Learning how to code gives us a freedom and confidence to understand exactly how the things work and how do we effectively use it in our campaigns. The digital marketing space is relatively new and is changing at a very fast pace. A person having high level understanding of marketing tools gives him an edge over other competitors.

  1. Saves Time And Money

Relying every time, for small changes necessary to the website, on Developers can cost both time and money. Imagine how nice it would be to make those small changes to the website all by yourself. Imagine how making basic digital marketing tools will save you a lot of pennies as well as time.

  1. Communication With The Development Team

Understanding the structure of code can greatly help to communicate with your development team. You will realize the difference between expectation and reality and not burdening your technical team with unrealistic demands and goals. This in turn also increases your confidence and the ability to understand the logic behind some of the marketing campaigns.

  1. More Sales

By tweaking landing pages by using HTML and CSS which are very easy to learn and use will give you a boost in sales and the number of subscribers without actually being dependent on others. Coding can help in better development in the landing pages and more important pages of the website. Landing pages are the most important part of the website as they are directly responsible for generating more sales and subscribers to the website.

  1. Maintain Safe Distance

Even though coding is very important but maintaining a safe distance is necessary. The goal of marketer is not to as equally skilled as the developer. The aim of the marketer should be to become a code literate instead of become a code fluent and spend most of the time developing new marketing strategies.

With so many coding tutorials available on the net both free and paid, it is really handy to have some of the coding skills in your bag. It’s time for all digital marketers to venture into something new that is completely out of their comfort zone. So for people looking to learn few skills, below are some really great places to learn coding and get the hang of it.

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Where to learn Coding?

  • Codeacademy: It is one of the best places to start coding. They follow the philosophy of learn by doing. They mainly concentrate on the web development aspects. Codeacademy provides users with many badges to motivate them continuously.
  • The NewBoston: One of the most trending videos on Youtube. He teaches many computer languages and skills in his own funny and humorous way. An ideal way for a beginner to start. Bucky teaches most of the topics himself and is one of the most sought after teachers on Youtube
  • Dash: Dash teaches HTML, CSS and JavaScript and other web technologies by conducting projects so that students learn the technologies via projects. Dash is completely free.
  • W3School: One of the earliest website and the most followed website for all the website development technologies. It teaches by listing out all the methods and techniques in the coding domain. Its mostly suited for fixing quick changes to code or make few on the spot changes to your website.

The ride may as well be bumpy but it would be worthwhile. Persistence always pays off. Let me know how your learning curve has been by leaving a comment below. So to all the digital marketers who have been kind enough to read this post, happy coding 🙂

Image Credits: Coderfactory Academy

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