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5 Search Engine Marketing Tips For Higher ROI

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Pay per click (Search Engine Marketing) advertising has been one of the most prominent forms of advertisement in the digital world. Search Engine Marketing has been the first choice of companies and firms willing to boost online sales and visibility. There are certain tips which can help you increase your ROI on the campaign some of which are:

Integration of Web Analytics into the website

Web analytics code helps the company or the firm to track important details about the customer or the visitor such as the location of the visitor, how the visitor came to the website etc and gives a deep insight into how the user behaves on the website. Web analytics is also important as it measures the effectiveness of the whole campaign set by the company. It provides a scorecard of how the campaign has performed. It also helps to gauge the performance of different keywords on a regular basis. It also the firms know about the source of traffic like where is the traffic coming from. Overall Web Analytics is an area that needs to be monitored closely so as to take effective measures to make it a better online experience for the users. The overall analysis of the user behavior and the execution of PPC campaign  decides the success of the campaign.

Provide Real-Time Support

There are times when the user wants to ask something to an executive from the company just to know about something and what if there is an instant reply from the company. The overall user experience remains good as it involves the human interaction which makes the session interactive. Providing real time assistance to the customers is a very important aspect of paid form of advertising so that the customer gets the right information at the right time. This is a very good strategy for customer acquisition and retention and affects the overall conversion rate. Providing real time support is a must for E-commerce sites as it involves quick decision making. Real time support helps in clearing the queries that may arise in the minds of the customer while making a purchase. It can also serve to be a real time feedback system as it helps solving the general queries and troubles encountered by the users during the session. Overall real time assistance to the customers can prove to be a great factor in increasing online sales and generating higher revenue.

Keep a Track On Location

While executing a PPC campaign, always keep a check on where the visitor on the website is coming from. Your advertisement may get displayed in London even if you are selling in Melbourne. So that advertisement makes no sense. The companies usually incur a lot of loss when they do not keep a track on users location. The location of the user is important as it helps in finding where the traffic is coming from as well as identifying the target audience in a better way. The different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc offer location features which allow the companies to target the traffic based on the ip addresses or the location based keywords or sometimes both.

The tracking of the location of the user helps in managing the campaign more effectively by targeting selected regions from where the maximum traffic is coming. Thus it helps in increasing overall rate as well as better return on investments on the campaign. Thus keeping a track on the location of the user can gradually help the company to reach out to the potential customers in a better and efficient way.

Keep a Check On The Competitors

Always be aware about what the competitors in the market are doing and think a step ahead of them to successfully carry out a PPC campaign. Keeping an eye on the competitors is a must as this is a very dynamic market. You can not just sit back and relax at any point of time. You need to think ahead of your competitors so as to attract more traffic to your website. Just observe the strategy and objective of the competitor and be smart enough to outbox the strategy. Keeping a check on competitors also helps in gaining information about the industry trends so that the company adapts itself to it. It would eventually help in finding the loopholes in the strategy adopted by the competitors and optimizing one’s own strategy accordingly. That basically adds onto what the customer expects as a good online experience.

So eventually it is just not the company’s own strategies that need to be looked after, One must also be aware about what one’s competitor is doing so as to stay ahead in the market.

Usage of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are just the extensions to the advertisements depicting extra information about the ad or the product. They help in increasing the clicks of an advertisement. They can be manual as well as automated. Since it improves the click-through rate of the ads, it improves the overall return on investment of the campaign. There are a few types of extension such as:

  • Sitelink Extension: These are used to increase the trust factor among the users. It provodes the user with option to showcase links to different pages of website below the ads.
  • Call Extension: These are those extensions which allow the users to call the business directly when they see the ads. In this, the ads come directly with a phone number. This is generally used by restaurants.
  • Location Extension: These extensions directly show the address or the location of the firm so that user does not need to navigate to other pages to find out actually where the store or the company is.

All these tips can surely help you to increase the ROI of your business provided everything else is in place. It can surely impact the overall results of a campaign if implemented effectively.

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    • 4 years ago

      Saloni Jain   /   Reply

      Very well written article! Gives a lot of points to gauge upon regarding the upcoming trends in search engine marketing.

    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Human behaviour plays a vital role in carrying out a successful Search Engine Marketing strategy. The aspects mentioned in this article are to be considered seriously. These may look simple but yet they have immense effect on the SEM process. Very well written!!!

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