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5 Search Engine Marketing Tricks To Write Attractive Headlines For Your PPC Ads

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Designing attractive campaigns has always been an integral part of search engine marketing. There are advertisements that people find very attracted to which eventually result in higher click through rate. Paid search gives very less time to the advertisers to grab user attention. There are ways by which you can attract potential customers to pay attention to your ads. Here are some tricks that the you will find useful to make your campaign more attractive that gets you more clicks and views:

Mention Your Core Competency with Keywords

Core competency is a combination of skills and resources that distinguishes you from others. In a layman’s language, it is actually what you are expert at. The featured ad should mention about the core competency that you offer. It is because of that special offering or competency sometimes that the user gets attracted to your advertisements. The key here is to attract and engage the users by letting them know about the best thing that you could offer them. It also helps in being more specific to the target audience and thus increase the overall conversion rate. There are two parts in writing a catchy advertisement headline:

  • Include the keyword that is most relevant to what you are advertising for
  • The content in the meta description shall be unique and attractive


In the above picture, “Health Insurance” is the keyword that potential customer is looking for. The meta description in the above ad is the line just appearing below the headline “eHealth Makes Obamacare Easy!”

The advertisers generally keep a check on the first part whereas, the second part is comparatively harder. Since a meta description cannot exceed 25 characters, you need to be creative enough to attract the customer in such a little space.

Ask a Question

It is always eye catching when the header of your advertisements starts with a question. Since these are generally open ended statements, it leaves an impression in the minds of the customers and pushes them to click on the link. Starting your ad headlines with a question like say for example “Heading for a Divorce?” for a person looking for divorce attracts the potential customer. Even though such headlines generally do not include a keyword but it has been found that such headlines are generally very compelling to the audience.


You can see the above advertisement to make it more clear. Anyone looking for assistance with adwords will surely click on the above ad. Additionally, the meta description is also very attractive as it gives the problem statement with a free solution to get the assistance for the same.

Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Headlines

Using dynamic keyword insertion in your ads can make your ad more relevant and timely. Dynamic keyword insertion is a tool offered by Google and other ad networks which enables the advertiser to customize an ad according to the user’s query. This is a tricky technique and can sometimes lead to an ad which makes very less sense to the customers. Keyword insertion is preferred when you are advertising with closely related ad groups or keywords that are closely related.

Let’s make it clear with an example:

Suppose you are an online site which sells men’s accessories and you plan to run a search engine marketing campaign for the same. Your ad headline say for belts could be “Belts Online India”. Now if someone searches for say “Gucci Belts Online India”, your ad will automatically be customized to what user has searched for if you are using dynamic keyword insertion. The customized headline for the ad will now be “Gucci Belts Online India”.

Have a look at another example below to get a deeper understanding of how it works:


Use Numbers in Headlines

Adding stats or numbers to the ad headlines makes the ad more specific to the potential customers. Supporting your ad objective with numbers helps getting more relevant traffic and an overall increase in the conversion rate.

For better understanding, look at the example given below:

Suppose you are a music teacher advertising online to look for potential customers that are willing to learn to play different instruments, you can advertise with the headline “Learn Guitar at Rs. 1000/month”. Such a headline makes things very clear to the one who is seeing the ad. The person clicking on the above ad knows what he needs to pay to learn guitar so that increases the chances of that potential customer getting converted into a customer. Numbers do add to the increase in the number of relevant clicks to your advertisements.

Communicate the Added Value/Proposition

Before deciding over an advertisement headline, it is always safe to look at the strategies adopted by the competitors. After analyzing the plot on which the competitor is advertising, find out what is unique with your offering. The added uniqueness with your offering is what needs to be highlighted to make your ad more attractive to the audience. It is always a good way to outshine the strategies adopted by the competitive firms.

Look below for a better grasp of how it works:


The above advertisement has an added value proposition to it “25% Off All Orders Today”. Such added value propositions make the ads more attractive and distinguishes between what you and your competitor is offering. Other types of value propositions that companies generally use are “Free Shipping”, “30-Day Return Policy”,”Cash On Delivery On All Orders” etc.

All these tricks help you in making an attractive ad headline which eventually adds to a better and successful execution of search engine marketing campaign. Once you are sure of how to be attractive and creative with your ad headlines, you can surely help yourself in reaching the target audience more effectively. It surely leads to a higher click-through as well as conversion rate. It also helps the users in finding the right website for their objective.

Image Courtesy: Joe Martinez, Trada, Market Domination Media

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