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5 SEO Tips To Be At The Top Of Search Results Page On Google

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SEO-logo-265x300Are you a business entrepreneur? Do you use digital medium for promoting your business? Have you created a website to market your business? Would you wish to see your website representing your business in the top search results? Then why late, adopt a proper SEO strategy to achieve your goal to be at the top of search results. Everyone has some awareness about internet and online marketing stores today. Online marketing stores have become more familiar to the customers in such a way that they are habituated to check these online markets once before they want to buy something. It is common that people will search in Google about the product and its details like its information and usage before they are about to buy. You might be unaware of the fact that people will research online even after they firmly decided to buy offline through a retail store by self-moving to the store. Customers also became smart, they are enquiring more than twice before they shop in both online and offline ways. This tradition of enquiry is present in US already. With changing circumstances and development of online marketing habituated the people of India to this tradition these days. By all these facts, it is clear that to attract more organic traffic towards your website and to be in leading top search results, it is compulsory to follow a proper SEO strategy and tips to optimize the site and you should be updated with latest algorithms and techniques to boost up organic traffic towards your website. The following are some SEO tips listed below which may help new entrepreneurs to increase rankings of their business or marketing websites in search results:

1) Concentrate On Right Keywords

A perfect SEO strategy starts with application of accurate and relevant keywords on your site through which users will find your website. In general, every SEO campaign will initially concentrate on relevant keywords to be listed out. Most of the campaigns will fail initially due to common mistake of selecting broad length keywords and concentrating more on these broad keywords. By focusing on broad keywords you cannot get enough traffic towards your site. It is common human psychology that users will make most of their search using short keywords which are absolutely relevant and of-course catchy will be preferred more. From this, it is clear that you should broaden your relevant keyword list while choosing but make it narrow by selecting accurate ones using web analytics. By using analytics, your work will be reduced considerably as relevant keywords relating to your website are chosen effectively.keywords-stuffing

2) Optimize Each Page Of Your Website

Immediate step to be followed in the SEO strategy after completion of selecting right keywords for the website is to optimize the complete site according to the relevant keywords chosen. Most of them will commit a mistake by optimizing only the main page of the website and by not following the keypoints in optimization of website which helps in attracting more web traffic towards the site. SEO tips listed below should be followed compulsorily along with at least one focus keyword while optimizing your website and each page should be optimized by following these tips:

  • Title of the page should be limited to some characters. In general, all search engines have a character limit of 50-70 characters.
  • Proper meta description should be maintained under limited number of characters i.e. up to 155 characters.
  • Use different heading fonts H1 & H2 title texts to differentiate headings and main content of website.
  • Add ‘Alt text’ for every image having little description about the image.
  • Use focus keywords at least once or twice in the content and highlight them, if necessary.
  • Optimize each page of the site accordingly and make it user-friendly to the visitors.on-page-optimization

3) Maintain Ongoing Content Strategy

In 2011, Google announced to web builders to avoid the stale of their websites which means the websites will be rewarded if they follow the ongoing strategy. If you maintain your website with optimized quality content and relevant keywords supporting your business then your website will be rewarded for maintaining fresh and quality content based website. You should add tools, resources and good content which is informative to visitors, guiding them in using your website and helps them in understanding the site options easily. Design your website with diversifying options including different supporting page titles as options in the main menu and link the pages with this main web page.Fresh-Content

4) Use Blog Strategy

Maintaining a blog in your website is the best thing and should never be avoided in your SEO strategy as it attracts more web traffic towards your site. Website content will get enormous support from the blog included in your website. By maintaining a blog, visitors visiting your website will get more information and news about the website. Companies including blog in their website are blessed with more than 55% of web traffic and 70% lead in search engine results (according to the survey). Every article written in your blog will be updated as a new index in your primary page and will be promoted and published socially attracting more traffic towards your website. Don’t blog everytime about your company and its products but include articles relating to business and some topics of interests related to your clients. Articles should be casual, brief about the things you want to write and should be included with images and bold points attracting more visitors.blogging

5) Add Quality Links

Maintaining inbound links in your website is one of the best SEO tips which drives more traffic towards your site and will help your website to achieve top leads in search engine results page. Create inbound links in your website which again link back to your content of website. Inbound links will increase relevance of your website on search engines. Try to visit other websites and by posting as a guest on the other website blogs including with proper hyperlink that leads to your website. This post will serve your website as a quality inbound link increasing your website ranking. Find the websites through which you want to earn quality links and contact their webmasters or marketing department to explore your inbound  link strategy.get-new-inbound-links

Image Credit: Internet marketing doctor, Latest contents, Curatti, Advanced link manager

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      Sachin Patil   /   Reply

      Nice share..! All are the key points to improve search ranking of your website. In today’s competitive market SEO is more important than ever. It plays vital role in improving your revenue.

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