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5 Things to Discuss with Your Social Media Marketing Agency before Starting your first Digital Marketing Campaign

5 Things to Discuss with Your Social Media Marketing Agency before Starting your first Digital Marketing Campaign

The fact that Digital Marketing has taken the world by storm and is expected to be the leading media spending and buying platform if the future is not even up for contention. As per a recent report from eMarketer, social media ad spending is expected to hit US$ 41 Billion in 2017, and this doesn’t Google Adwords, the world’s leading digital advertising platform.

So, let’s consider you’re a small, medium, large business or individual; you’ve seen and heard enough brands taking to social media marketing and getting the kind of reach and leads that are unimaginable with offline marketing. You’re now itching to take the dive into digital to give wings to your sales, and have even got a social media marketing agency onboard. You’re practically all set to begin, but are you really?

While we’re sure that you’ve spent enough time in evaluating and finalizing upon a Social Media Marketing Agency, your work as a marketing manager certainly doesn’t end there. Your digital initiatives will provide the best results only when you work very closely with your agency to plan your digital marketing campaigns and are actively involved in each step of the process of campaign creation, execution, tracking and evaluation. Here are 5 things to discuss with your agency before you embark on your maiden social media marketing campaign: 

  • What is your Campaign Objective?

Though having a campaign objective seems very basic and objective, this is the very first step where most brands stutter with their social media marketing campaigns. At this juncture, it is very important to understand that your overall objective from social media marketing is different from a campaign objective. It is extremely important that you first finalize upon the objectives of a campaign and only then proceed to the next steps.

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Typical goals could be – generating leads, engaging audience, or increasing fan following; and each of these can be measured via readily available metrics such as cost per lead, cost per engagement, cost per page like, etc.

  • Who is your Target Audience?

For the success of a marketing campaign, it is very important to have a detailed discussion on your target audience. The campaign objective itself is an important input into choosing the target audience, and the outputs of it will help you determine your platforms, tone of voice and budgets. It is important to identify and drill down to the demographic details of your audience, research about them and understand exactly what platform they use and what are their interests, so that your targeting parameters can allow you to reach the largest possible audience size for best results.

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  • What are your Target Platforms?

Not all social media marketing platforms were created equal, and trying to make a splash on every platform with a social media marketing campaign is a common mistake a lot of brands make. It is very important to have an understanding of the objective of each platform, the kind of content that flows on it, and most importantly the kind of audience that uses it. For example, for a B2B lead-generation campaign for a technology product, it would be very counterproductive to use a platform such as Instagram. Your social media marketing agency should help you calculate which platform will give you the best ROI.

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  • What is your Tone of Voice?

A brand’s tone of voice is what will allow people to relate to it and accept it as a part of their lives. A brand’s tonality becomes even more important in social media marketing because your reach is magnified multiple times. Also, unlike offline advertising platforms, social media marketing provides you the unique ability to actually engage your followers in 2-way communications, making the need for a clear tone of voice even more important. You should have a detailed discussion with your agency regarding the brand’s tone of voice so that it is retained and comes out in full through your social media marketing campaign.

  • How will you Benchmark your Results?

The age-old argument that not enough data has been collected from social media campaigns for benchmarking can now be considered over. There are several tools and techniques available in the market that’ll help you understand and learn from the results from a competitor or a world leader’s campaign.


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Having benchmarking information in your hand will allow you to make smarter budgeting and go or no go decisions on the basis of the real-time results that you are achieving. You should sit with your social media marketing agency and ascertain the players and the metrics that you would like to benchmark your campaign against, and these will go a long way in helping you determine the success of your campaign.

These are just a few things that’ll help you create a base for your first social media marketing campaign. Having the answers to these will put both you and your social media marketing agency in a comfortable position because realistic goals and tracking mechanisms have been established. Beyond this, it’s a journey that teaches you a lot while you’re at it! We wish you luck for your first campaign!

This article is written by Himanshu Arora who is the Co-Founder of Social Panga, one of India’s fastest growing digital marketing and branding agencies. With over 8 years of Digital Marketing experience, he is one of the few chosen Google Product and Sales Trainers in India and has worked for leading brands such as Coca-Cola, SAP, Accenture, Citibank, HUL, Google, Horlicks, and more. Connect with him on and 

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