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5 Tips Of Email Marketing To Increase Email Open Rate

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1. Make it personal and care: 98% email open rate is not at all typical. You need to make it personal and you need to think about your customers and care for people. Send your mail like your favorite person and make sure you give some kind of value and which is going to help them in later future. Basically, you are supposed to make connections with the person.

2. Pretend to write to your best friend, use an avatar: When you write mail, try to write personal mail. Try to create customer, Avatar. Try to find their behavior and develop mail according to their previous reaction. Try to share similar interest and create a relationship with your customer. So write in active voice.

3. Relevant headlines, don’t try too hard: Subject and headline is very important and it directly increases your open rate. It should be relevant to your overall details. It should curiosity in person.

4. Segmenting your list: Segment your list according to your customer knowledge and relations. Check on what topics your customer is interested in.

5. Be consistent: Consistent with email marketing and sending Email newsletter on a particular day and be consistent with it. Use autoresponder also and don’t include your sale page, but also include good content for your customer. And keep auto responder as simple as you can and try to make it less link in it.

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