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5 Tips That Help You Target Your Customers Well Through Email Marketing

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Email marketing is something which is being increasingly finding favour with businesses of all hues and sizes. Used in a professional manner, it is a tool which seldom fails to achieve the desired results. Of all the prerequisites for a professional email campaign, the one relating to the right targeting of the customers is most important. To help you to do this, the following tips will prove immensely useful.

1. Create ideal persona for each class

It is very important for the success of your email marketing campaign that you target each customer in a group as per their specific interests and needs. For this purpose, you can develop for each group a sketch of the ideal customer which truly represents the customers in that particular group or category. Once you have done this, it becomes so simple to develop content and have an effective design (email).

2. Adopt conversational style

Curt and formal style of emails may not be able to strike a relationship of faith and goodwill with your customers. So, shun the formal and business-like style of messaging and replace it with one-to-one conversational style as if talking to an individual in person.

3. Use curious subject lines

As the customers may not be inclined to open each and every email that is received by them due to paucity of time or disinterest, you have a challenging task at hand to make them open your email. This can, however, be done rather easily with the help of subject lines and sub-lines which make them curious and thus, force them to open your email. You should also conduct a split test (A/B Test) from time to time to know the efficacy of your subject lines as sometimes only a slight change in your subject lines.

4. Use absorbing content

To be really effective in your email marketing efforts, you have to provide your customers with a content which is absorbing enough. Otherwise, they will be tempted to search for better content elsewhere. Rather than harping on your products and services or bombarding them with promotional offers, it will be better to educate and inform them in an informal and entertaining manner so as to make them feel connected enough to continue the relationship.

5. Make a persuasive call to action

Your email message should not leave the reader inactive or disinterested. It is a good idea to give them a specific call and sound convincing enough to prompt an action from them. This can be done in a variety of ways. You may ask them like ‘click here to subscribe to an e-magazine’, ‘share this content with friends and win a prize’ or ‘click here to enroll as a life-member’ etc.

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