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5 Tips To Determine Long Tail Keywords With Google Adwords Tool

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Google Adwords is known to be the best PPC online advertising service that places advertisements with the list of search results. The placement of the advertisement depends on the relevancy of the search query. Google uses its proprietary algorithm to calculate the placement of the advertisements. Although, Google Adwords platform is the most efficient one, it is also the most expensive of the other services or platforms providing this service. Hence, it is important to know how one can judiciously use the budget allocated to advertise using Google Ad words. In any PPC campaign, in addition to the exact keywords match, advertisers also look for the general Long Tail Keywords relevant to a website. This list comprises of keywords which are broadly related to the website. These long tail keywords are more likely to get quality traffic as compared to the exact match competitive ones. What are long tail keywords? As the name suggests, they are those keywords which are placed slightly away from the main central keyword list but still have high relevance to the search. That is, keywords which are broadly related to the search query and do not fall under the exact match keywords.

Further below, we shall look into some tips to determine how to use long tail keywords with Google Adwords tool:

  • Use The Search Box on to generate Long Tail Keywords

This is the simplest way to start generating long tail keywords. Just go to search page and start searching with terms related to the product or service being advertised. Google search engine will come up with keyword suggestions, related to the search under consideration. With this method, one can get to know the terms that are generally used by people on Google, the largest search engine. For example, we can see below the options thrown by Google on the search for a black mountain bike. These results comprise of the long tail keywords suggested by Google search engine. In this case, the output has given options on colour, type of bikes, brand of bike order of placement of words, etc.

imagesIt is important to note that these keywords do not generate high volume traffic. However, the quality of traffic generated is quite high.

  •  Check Your Search Query Report Relevant Long Tail Keyword Ideas

 Search query reports are a great reserve for finding the long tail keywords for your website. These reports display the list of queries which were used to trigger the ads of your website. They also show the number of visits and the revenue generated, thereby giving a clear understanding of the potential of these keywords. Since in nature, these queries are broad phrases and have a broader match to the exact keywords, they are cheaper than the exact keywords and also bring in more relevant quality traffic. These reports can be accessed for unique keywords bringing in good traffic as well for campaigns and ad groups.

 To use the search query report, one needs to click on the “keywords” tab and then click on “details”. One can run the query for individual keywords or group of keywords as shown below.see-search-terms-keyword-report

  • Use The Keyword Tool To Leverage Include and Exclude Keyword Function

This tool can be used to find new long tail keywords for a website. The following steps need to be followed to use this tool effectively:

Step 1: Start by including a few terms relevant to your search. These terms include relevant search terms, link of your landing page, product category, etc as shown below. This acts as the base search.Screen-Shot-2014-03-18-at-8.49.12-AM

Step 2: Next step is to specify which terms need to be excluded and included by the search engine while the search is made. By this process Google takes into account these inclusions and exclusions while making the search and only gives the required relevant suggestions as output.Screen-Shot-2014-03-18-at-8.51.42-AM

In this manner, one can use Google for getting suggestions on more relevant long tail keywords. Also, the keyword tool helps in eliminating  the keywords which seem related but are not relevant to the landing page of the website.

  •  Think Like A Local User for Long Tail Keywords

Choosing keywords which are used specifically in any industry may not yield good results. The reason is, not everyone would be familiar with the industry terminology or jargon and hence wouldn’t use these terms in any search. A lay man would use simple terms in his search, specific to his location. Hence, choosing industry specific words, is bound to lead to loss of traffic and hence, it is important to think of keywords from the local user’s point of view. Also, details like location need to be considered while choosing keywords. For example, a resident of Nagpur is likely to use “Nagpur” in most of his searches while looking for options to buy a product. Even for an online purchase, a Nagpur customer will check if the product is available and can be delivered to an address in Nagpur.

  • Use The Keyword Tool To Run The Competitor’s Website

One can use the keyword tool to run a particular website and get to know the keywords that Google deems good for the website. This way one can run the competition website through the tool and get to know the keyword suggestions that Google throws for that particular website. In this manner, one can get new ideas which might be used by the competition. It is likely that the suggestions given by Google will be more expensive than the generic long tail keyword list. This is because these keywords will be more competitive in nature than the generic long tail keywords.

To sum it up, there are various ways in which one can get to know of the relevant keywords that need to be used to generate traffic to a website. In addition to the exact keywords, the long tail keyword list should be given importance as it can generate quality traffic, although low in volume. These keywords are not as competitive as the exact match keywords and hence are cheaper in terms of PPC rates.

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      Aparna   /   Reply

      Using relevant keywords while generating the contents for a website, the marketer takes various aspects into consideration. Innovating it further, Long tail keywords are also becoming more important. Identifying long tail keywords will help to attract more people because it gives a wider choice of words. Using these tips to extract long tail keywords would be really helpful.

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