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5 Ways In Which Rapportive Helps In Connecting Your Contacts

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Statistics show that gaining a new customer is difficult and costly than retaining current customers. Also business earned from the current customers is more profitable than new customers. It is good to analyze information from your existing customer database, which allows you to identify your best current and potential customers and allocate resources accordingly. So that you can get maximize returns to your investments. In the business contacts details are the biggest asset for the company. Contact details are important for getting future clients. There are many sources of getting contacts. From the business prospective it is important for you to know some details of sender, such as location, industry, social media presence, etc. So that you can segment the potential sender for your future customer conversions and design marketing strategy. This information is scattered around the web. Is it possible to ask each sender about their profession, social media presence, location, etc.. through email? No, it is a bit awkward.

rapporThree professionals Rahul Vohra, Martin Kleppmann, Sam Stokes identified this problem and found the solution for this. Rapportive was founded by these three professionals in January 2010. One of the effective source of getting contact and connecting with them is “Rapportive”. But What is Rapportive? Every day you receive lots of email. Some of them are useful, some are promotional and some are junk. Out of all these senders many are unknown to you.  Rapportive helps you to get some information about the sender. Rapportive’s Gmail integration can give you the answers to these questions such as,

Who is sender? (Personal info like name, contact, email, photos, social media presence, etc.)

Where are they located? (Is it near to you?)

What is their profession?(company, position, experience, LinkedIn profile)

What is common in between you and sender? (shared connections)

Rapportive’s Gmail integration is just simple and perfect. You can check this screen shot.


Often people are concerned about their private information and that’s why they hesitate to use such tools. Rapportive team clears that this tool display only this information which is public on the internet and one can search it by  search engine. The main role of Rapportive is to aggregate public data, consider corrections and feedback and then show this information with gmail to everyone who use Rapportive. Private data will never disclose by Rapportive to any other user or third party.

Let us see some core features of Rapportive which are really beneficial for communicating with your contacts.

1) View Personal Info

Rapportive profile will display your personal information such as your name, pictures, location, your profession, etc. The information which is declared as public on other profile by you or added manually to Rapportive profile, that is only seen by other Rapportive users. This information you can use while creating an email or any other marketing content. Personalized email or content often impress people . This will help you build positive authority the among the people.

2) Social connections

One of the interesting feature of Rapportive is it recognized almost all social profiles. Rapportive collects all the information about all social profiles to which your email is connected. You can add a social media profile to Rapportive if it is not displayed on your profile and you want to display it. Also, it is easy to remove social media profiles that you don’t want to display with your profile to the other Rapportive users. For the Facebook and Twitter it displays the latest posts on click.

3) Raplets

This is something really amazing feature of Rapportive. The Rapportive has an extension which is called as “Raplets”. It is the way through which Rapportive can connect with other contact based services such as Mailchimp, Crunchbase. Other services with which Rapportive can integrate are Brightpearl, BatchBook, Bantam Live, Booking bug. Adding and removing raplets is very simple. You have to click on the rapportive menu at the top of Gmail and then Add or remove Raplets.


One of the latest and interesting Raplet is Laynrd Raplet. It can be added or deleted like any other Raplet. Online conferences are very much common in these days. But still it misses the personal touch of face to face meetings. This problem is little bit solved by this Laynrd Raplet. With this Raplet you can check which conferences your contacts are planning to attend and if you are planning for same, let them know that you can meet personally. It also allows you to keep records of past conferences, speakers and their videos.

4) Adding Notes to contact

The Rapportive allows you to append notes to the contact. Whenever you received email from contact each time you see that note along side the email. Also it displays most recent emails you exchanged with that person. All this information is useful for you while designing future mail to that person.

 5) Customer service

This is the most important part of any business. Many times companies, concentrate on other core processes and neglect customer service part. It may result in dissatisfaction among the customers and ultimately you may lose customers. Don’t forget the customer service desk is the medium through which you can continuously communicate with customers.

The Rapportive has a best customer service platform through which you  can directly ask your queries to CEO of Rapportive as well as other members of the company. The best part is in a very short time you will receive answers for your query from Rapportive team.

Apart from these core features Rapportive is easy to install, set up, run on any latest smartphone, laptop, tablet on the market. For the installation of Rapportive you can just visit and click the “Install” button. You can use any browser for installation such as safari, chrome, firefox, etc. Rapportive displays social, professional and personal information about the person. This is useful for marketers to understand their prospects so that they can design personalized content.  Indirectly, it helps to build long term customer relations, lower your cost and maximize the value of customers.

Image Credit: moz,techgreet, Rapportive

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