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6 SEO Tips To Get Your Blog Visited By Thousands

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SEO-NottinghamNow many business man or marketing professionals are convinced that writing regular blog is one of the most effective ways to reach the targeted prospects. Blogging is the most prominent way to convey your offers, products, success, services to the thousands of people. Many times it happens that you are not able to attract sufficient web traffic to read your blog. You have good content, quality product, excellent services that you want to share with people, you want to tell about your company, but due to some small SEO mistakes people may not able to find your blog having valuable information. Here are some simple tips to attract traffic towards your blog.

1) Keywords

Don’t forget customer’s buying journey starts with the keyword search in search engines. So keywords play an important role in deciding SEO ranking. I strongly recommend to select proper keywords that describe about your blog. Don’t worry ” Google keyword planner” is there to help you in selecting keywords. This will help you to write keywords according to the targeted market and geo-targeted market. Also, it will ensure that each keyword is being searched. Here are a few tricks which one should always keep in mind

  • Find less competitive keywords with high search volume.
  • Find keywords phrases
  • Find relative keywords
  • Find out some common misspelling keywords that users often type. You can include those keywords as well.

2) Title and meta description

Yes, this is the second most important factor which affects the SEO ranking. The title is the name which describe about your topic in a word. So it must be eye-catchy, relevant and self-explanatory. Often writers ignore this section and concentrate on content. Don’t forget that title is the introduction about your blog to the world.

Another important factor is the meta description. Meta description is the snippet of the information below the link on a search result. It gives a brief idea about the topic to the readers. There is a 156 word limit to meta description. So you have to write in a smart way about your topic so that people get inspired to read the further article.

3) Strong Call-to-actions

You have a very good keyword strategy, very good title and meta description, you have managed to attract prospects to read your blog but what after that? They may just read your blog and leave your site. So to engage your prospects you have to provide them way or guide them for their further move. Yes, this purpose will solve by inserting appropriate CTA’s (call-to-action) at the end of your post. This will help them in their future decision. Proper CTA’s and landing page help to engage the prospect to stay on the website.

4) Contact Strategy

The main purpose of CTA and the landing page is to attract prospects and inspire them to fill the contact information. This contact information can be filled through form or you can inspire them to subscribe your Newsletter, etc.. This contact information can be used to convert prospects into customers.

Email, SMS and personalised web messages are the great ways to deliver relevant prospect communications across the total buying lifecycle. The key trick is to move from a campaign mindset to a customer relationship development where relevant e-communications are triggered depending on behaviour and position within the lifecycle.

5) Content

Content is the king forever. If you provide consistent and quality content to your readers, then it creates a positive image about your company. Your blogs are the mirror of your product, your work and success. So, try to provide unique and plagiarism free content. Remember, search engines also like fresh and new content. For better SEO ranking make sure that along with high-quality content you provide appropriate videos, pictures and infographics. The visuals are more attractive than text. It can convey your information faster than text.

While creating any content for the prospects, understand customers’ requirements, their expectations from you and their problem. You can convince your prospects that how your company can solve their problem through the blog. Inbound marketing approach for creating content is the best strategy to attract organic web traffic. Creating the right content to the right people at the right time is an inbound marketing strategy.

6) Use of SEO tool

Using an SEO tool is a good idea for maintaining good SEO ranking. It will assure you that the website has an SEO plugin or it will help you maximize the SEO on each page of your website. There are many professional SEO tools are available in the market which can help you while maintaining your SEO ranking. Google analytics, Google webmaster, Google trends, Google adword keyword tool, Hubspot’s marketing grader, SEO quake, open site explorer, link checker, mozbar are some of the highly result driven SEO tools.

If you know any other tip to attract traffic towards your blog then feel free to share with me.

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    • 4 years ago

      Kelvin   /   Reply

      Your words for SEO tips are correct and helps people who want to make their blog more viral and popular to get traffic. Content plays a vital role in gaining traffic and lead generation.

    • 4 years ago

      David Beckaham   /   Reply

      Really very useful sharing. Following this steps helpful for improving the rank of blogs. All of the people need follow this tips. Thank you for sharing this great tips.

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thanks David..

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