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7 Good Ways For More Lead Generation On Social Media With Hootsuite

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Hootsuite-logoSocial media marketing has evolved from its early days into more comprehensive form of strategical marketing efforts and how to garner more users for oneself. It is no longer used as just a source of branding, infact more and more companies are using it to generate leads for their businesses. Of the host of social media marketing tools available in the market, Hootsuite is one the best tools available which not only helps you to manage no. of client’s account at one time but also helps you generate more leads for your business.

Following are few ways which can help businesses to generate more more leads from different social media marketing platforms:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn, in recent times has grown in one of the best social media platforms for businesses and working executives and is continuously creating interesting new paths for B2B digital marketers in generating new and exciting leads.

1. Help in localizing for more leadsDSCImage

Businesses are finding great scope with the Direct Sponsored Content feature of LinkedIn. This can help in amplifying a blog post or a white paper and make your content show up in the news-feed of your prospective user. It also provides you a precise and better segmentation of your prospective users, you can target them by region (for e.g. CEOs in Sushant lok, Gurgaon etc.). You can also experiment with different formats of content such as SlideShare decks, articles, videos etc.

2. The more appealing the content is, the more attention it gets

As per a recent study the posts that generate maximum engagements (share,comments) are the posts that are having some form of a image or a picture. This study thus puts emphasis on use of images, as images generally leads to a spike in your overall comment rate. Thus, while using LinkedIn make sure to use images, pictures and add-up presentations such as SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile’s updates.

3. Emphasizing more on long-form contentlong-form-content-examples

Another strategy in getting more reach, extra traffic and hence more traction from your ideas is by focusing on publishing content that is long-form right inside your LinkedIn’s platform. There are lot of positive early results which include members earning job opportunities and speaking gigs from the content published on their LinkedIn profiles.

Users visit LinkedIn for inspiration, learnings, sharing experiences and connecting with like minded people from their area of expertise as well as from other professional backgrounds. When you are publishing content, keep in mind as to how can you help the user you are trying to connect succeed. This is the real crux of enhancing engagement.

4. Appearing cooler/smarter among your peers and getting better sales and re-tweets with Flock to Unlock1Flock-to-Unlock-Image

One of the best ways to appear cool and impress your user network and clients is by following a simple thumb-rule. The thumb-rule is to tweet four or fewer times in a day. This is also known as the “Tweet Spot” and helps in keeping engagement with your followers high. If you are tweeting more than four times a day, your users may find you as uninteresting and may also consider it as spamming. As per a study over tweeting can lead to a 17% drop in overall engagement.

There is a new way in Twitter which can help you to boost your sales figures and heighten the seasonal promotions. This is known as “Flock to Unlock”. This generally works in the following manner; businesses offer their followers a reward (for e.g. 15% off on all online orders) after this they set a Re-tweet goal for their followers. If your users promote and spread the message and reaches the defined Re-tweet goal, they can unlock the special deal. It is a fun but an effective way to increase your re-tweets, users, leads and ultimately your revenue figures.

5. Focus on creating visual tweets with the help of Twitter cards and collecting direct email sign-ups from tweetstwitter-cards

Twitter cards help your business to show-off products, drive video views as well as inspire downloads of your apps. You can select a template as per your goal (engagement, selling products, driving application downloads etc.) and Tweet your Card. Brands using it are seeing better engagement and report good early results with this Twitter feature.

Another feature which helps in building user base is Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards. Businesses should focus and take advantage of this as Twitter’s lead generation cards can easily integrate with most email databases including MailChimp. This feature thus helps businesses in building email lists, collecting customer RSVPs for different events and also measuring user’s interest in new product releases.

Facebook: As per a study by comScore, the user-base of Facebook is growing at a tremendous rate. On mobile the impact is still more with three of every four smartphones having Facebook. Following are the ways you can leverage Facebook in getting more traffic and leads.

6. Leveraging Facebook’s new direct response feature and cooler mobile measurement as well as ROI trackingdirect-response-marketing-facebook

Businesses are experiencing strong returns with better usage of Facebook’s Custom Audiences. The new feature in Power Editor and Ads Manager allows businesses to take segmentation targeting even deeper by focusing and selecting specific website behaviors. For instance, you can show-up ads to users who browsed a certain product’s page or target customers who recently visited specific products such as leather jackets and shoes.

You can now also track movement of people between different devices (for example watching a mobile ad and then buying later from their PC or desktops) before they convert. Advertising on mobile phones is getting much more dynamic and sophisticated. It even lets you target your potential users by mobile network type. This helps companies in preventing them from wasting their marketing budgets and now they can serve videos only to users with fast devices and networks.

7. Use Shutterstock to sell moreNamac-500x350

You do not require the services of a-list designers to source an engrossing image for your Facebook ads. Facebook has added a new feature wherein it has integrated Shutterstock’s library into it’s ad creation tool. The images in Shutterstock are not only commercially licensed but also available for use in all ad formats of Facebook, hence making it easy and efficient to develop an engaging ad in a few minutes.

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      Aparna   /   Reply

      Great article. Definitely Hootsuite is gaining lot of popularity in businesses as it helps to manage various accounts under one roof. In order to make the tool even more effective, the above mentioned key aspects are to be strictly followed. The activities like ‘Flock to Unlock’, Twitter Cards etc are new players in the block and these are helping marketers to improve their presence..

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